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 Post subject: Jarin Kantasi
PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:10 pm 
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Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:07 pm
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Jarin Kantasi - Human Court Bard


Brief Overview
Jarin is a young bard from a well to do family with a mischievous sense of humor. While his family wanted him to be a scholar or another career, he found himself drawn to the arts and ended up among the street lads more often then known honing his wits and working with people learning their skills and what magic he had. His fascination with the Silver Ravens also led him to spreading some unwise rumors and he went to ground between that and his satire when the purgings happened. He recently has started to cautiously come out and seeking what rumors show there must be someone taking up the raven mantle based on that and clearly the asmodean's weren't as thorough as they wanted people to think given he's still alive.

Character Bio by Jarin
Y'know people always speak of the opportunities you have. The chance to learn from books or others and think that because of that you should obviously want to be what they've decided. My parents were one of 'em - not greatly wealthy but well enough off that they got a good education they felt for me and thought I should be a scholar or something like that.

That wasn't really ever what I wanted to be though y'see. Oh learning is interesting, but sspending your whole life in tomes as the world around you goes by is just crazy talk .

AT first, my parents didn't notice when I began going 'round the opera house - it wa slargely respected and at first I wasn't there that long. Then they thought I was there to sing - something that anyone who's ever heard me try would know ain't very likely but these are the folks who thought I'd be happy sititng around in a dark room translating a couple of off hand statements.

They'd disown me when they found out the truth - that I was basically one of the street urchins there. I was warming up crowds, helping perform a bit and learnin' what I couold. They were scandalized that their son might do stuff like juggling on the streets, telling an off color joke or sharing a story of some sort. There though I learnt my real passion - that of performing and tellin' stories, and in this place which rewarded quick wits and witty responses I soon became a favorite aide.

I could warm audiences well and I learnt more from each - how to perform, how to present, where hte safe lines were and others. I found myself drawn most to those commnetaries through allegory and tales - where we could talk about things that people thought. Was the lcoal merchant really a thief? Well then, perhaps a tale of an evil merchant caricature was the time and I studied under those who did that and began to perform some on my own.

I saw here my studies use and continued some - particularly those on events now and before , gods and the like. One needs a proper reference pool to create these tales or to properly put them up for mockery. The field though was difficult and I used the magic powers I seemed to have and trained under some bards to help it show off - instead of juggling perhaps I'd have balls of light going around or show a tale using it while I talk. It... got some attention once or twice before being dismissed as weird by most and I went back to more using it to accentuate then replace parts of a performance.

Maybe I want to stand out because I can't sing worth a damn. Well I don't give a damn what hte reason is - I want to make a difference and have some fun doing so. There's no need for all the melancholy over at the opera or theatre to do things and sometimes nothing is as much fun as poking the bear.

The one and only Dwarven Warrior!

RPGCrafters Co-Owner

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." Salvor Hardin, Foundation

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