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 Post subject: Kito Temboma
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:51 pm 

Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:51 am
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Name (alias): Kito
Age (apparent): 28
Height: 6' 1"
Build: Slim
Marks: Various geometric shapes appear on his face and arms that change over weeks; both in form, color and position.
Race: Ganzi; most likely mistaken for Aasimar
Birthplace: Anuli, Holomog; though he doesn't give specifics, just that he comes from a coastal city of Garund.

Born of Chaos Magic:
Born Amare, to the middle class Mwesaro clan, they were merchants and traders. Like most citizens of Anuli (in the country of Holomog that rests to the south of Geb), he never knew his own father. But had a handful of uncles that were the paternal and male influence on his life. At first his birthmarks of mottled patterns around his face and body, multicolored hair and eyes, were seen as proof that he was an Aasimar. The Ganzi race was still new enough that they were often mistaken for Aasimar (sometimes purposefully ignoring evidence like his odd knuckled hands), as one with the blessing of the Empyreal lords born into a family was a sign of their favor.

As he got older and into adolescence the first signs that maybe he was something else started showing. It was though that the marks that showed one of celestial blood were unchanging. But his kept changing; in color, shape and position; sometimes they stayed for a month, other times only weeks or days. He soon also grew into his power of innate arcane magic, able to bring forth their energies without the normal years of study others had too. But even this showed a sign that he was something else, for he showed too many sources, though he couldn't usually duplicate effects from prior days nor control which source manifested day to day.

Even though his magic was innate, his clan sent him off as physical laborer on the docks, hoping that with his time occupied by his body's growth it would stunt his strange magics. It would not work. For unknown to the women in charge of the clan, his uncle Jaware helped to arrange him to get into the Brightwater School. Not to specialize in abjuration magics that the school was mainly known for, but because they specialized in theories of magic's origins, perhaps they could figure out what was going on with him. They learned that the shifting and chaotic energies of the Maelstrom had infused his very blood and magic; causing it to shift and transform on a daily basis, uncontrollably.

Over the next few years he went back and forth between schools and work, keeping up a disguise and secret from the clan matriarch and his mother Amara. Perhaps due to not focusing on just his magic, or the fatigue of keeping up both at once an accident that would change his path occured. In an attempt to use a power from the prior day or moving his fingers in the wrong somatic movements, he ended up causing destruction on the docks and destroyed the Bosano shipping comanies warehouse, and burning all the hair from the owner Pendah Bosano, and scarring her face. Whispers spread about the century old catastrophe of the Paroxsys, that perhaps it was the Ganzi that were responsible for it or could cause another as Amare had caused an explosion on a smaller scale. In an attempt to save honor; his clan had to enter 3 of theirs (his uncles Jaware, Tindo and Dahrehn) into servitude to the rival trading house, and they promised to send him to the clergy at the Tower of the Ninety-Four temple. Hoping it would appease everyone if he was dedicated to the Empyreals the city worshiped. It was a time of upheaval, chaos cults, political unrest due to the prior Omwa's unexpected death and lack of heir and it was easy for them to blame anyone different.

Escape from the White Tower:
Hating the restrictions and rules of the clerical education, and having to give up magic due to not having the calling to take up divine magics, he hatched a plan to escape. Stowing aboard a trade ship bound across the Obari Ocean for the Casmaron continent, he left the city and his homeland. But as luck (bad that it often seemed to be for him) was, their ship was wrecked during a storm and only a dozen or so survived to find their way to a small island. For 2 years they fought with the local naga and lizardmen tribes for survival, living off the land until they were saved by a ship. Again his luck would not be with him and it would be a ship of his clan, they'd been looking for him via magic and came to force him home and back into the clergy. Kept under tighter observation it was going to be harder to get away this time, but he was determined. Turning to his uncles that went to work for the rival trading company he begged them for help getting him out of the city. They agreed and as soon as his blood had shifted to something beneficial, he soon found himself sneaking out of the Tower and disguised on a spice and coffee trade ship headed to Katapesh. Once there he disembarked, and another ship after waiting for the one that carried him there left port. He'd take up a different name, "Kito Rani Temboma" (in honor of his arcane teacher) and over the next 5 years he would work as a sailor, the constant travel and adventure appealed to him, and occasionally his magic was of help, even if undependable.

Aboard the Crimson Rose:
While in a port in the Shackles about some months back, he went to get hired on with the Crimson Rose after his last ship was lost to a cruel and vile captain in a throw of the dice. Most the crew left at that time, refusing to stay aboard. Since that day "Kito" has tried to be of as much help as he could to the Crimson Rose, giving secondary aid in magical needs when his blood aligned with it, Though he was never fully seen as dependable by them as their ship's mage, who had more dependability in the spells in his repertoire, even if it took planning. Now that that ship's mage is gone, he hopes to fill his shoes, or at least gain more of the crew's respect.

Character Sheet: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1036649

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