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 Post subject: Iryani Ma'Akor
PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:06 am 

Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:31 pm
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Name: Iryani Ma'Akor
Age: 29
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 149 lbs
Home: Neruma, The Shackles

  • Adan Ma'Akor, former pirate turned historian/archaeologist, male human 61
  • Elyor Ma'Akor, petty thief turned treasure hunter, female human 60

Full Background: Iryani spent the first 12 years of her life fairly normally. Living with her dad, anxiously waiting by the door whenever her mother returned from her months long excursions, pawning off ancient relics to pirates. The usual. She was born and raised in the Shackles, her father a historian/archaeologist and her mother a treasure hunter. Usually their's was a team act: travel out into the Mwangi together, identify the most valuable items, grab them and escape. But with their little "blessing of the sea" as they called her, Adan had to stay behind to raise her. At least until she was 13, when she was officially old enough to go with them! Iryani loved not only the thrill of treasure hunting, but the experience of seeing how the passage of time changed things. Ancient structures overgrown with roots of massive trees, burial markers worn away, the sense of everything changing delighted her. Knowing that every individual moment was a new experience lead her to set out on her own, to experience as much of the world as possible! She did a little bit of everything: helped crew cargo ships around the Eye of Abendago, traversed the Sodden Lands, explored the burning Osirion (where she even met a few other element touched!), and eventually traveled northward. She had heard that Avistan was filled with ancient ruins from a lost empire, and is currently in Kerse on her way to see the Isle of Terror.

Important Events:
  • While crewing The Aberdail on its voyage around the Eye of Abendago, a crewmember died because of her. She had thought her stitching on his wounded leg would hold, but it tore when he was thrown off the ship and the blood attracted sharks. She hasn't forgiven herself for this.
  • Her first expedition with her parents! It was fairly tame, but she was ecstatic to see real life ancient ruins (even if her parents had been through there a dozen times before). They successfully retrieved some cracked carvings and a bit of a mural before returning.
  • Her last expedition with her parents/her departure. They took one last trip, to the same ruins where they had their first. It was poignant and sappy, but both her parents were excited for her to go off on her own. She left the Shackles 7 years ago and hasn't been back since (she has sent a few Animal Messengers and Sendings, but still).

Short Description: Excited Nihilistic Tourist

Iryani Ma'Akor and Ghivondir (Animal Companion)

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