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 Post subject: Jericho Gillispie
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:47 pm 
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Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:55 pm
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Jericho Gillispie

Name: Jericho Gillispie
Age: 22
Origins: Chelaxian
height: 5ft 8
weight: 180lbs

"Hello Gillian" a nondescript man sits across a stunning red haired woman.

"What brings you back this way Jericho? got tired of Lastwall and decided to come to Cheliax?" Gillian smirked

"Something like that." Jericho takes a drink of a strong ale. "Hellknight Julianos wanted to gift me a farewell armor set before I head out to sea. Seeing as how the dragon we'd be stalking chewed me instead of him."

Both looked around to hear some heated conversations but turned back to theirs

"To sea, in full plate are you insane?" Gillian protested "Haven't you had enough brushes with death in the eight years you've been training."

"C'mon sis, you're a full blown sorceress. You know what the thrill of adventure is like." Jericho added

"Stop calling me sis, didn't I tell you that? We might be from the same town but none of your impulsive blood has tainted me" Gillian replied."Besides last time you nearly went to sea you wound up in the sea bleeding to death."

"Not her fault Gillian, give it a rest. We do what we gotta do."

it was at that moment the tavern broke out into brawling. Gillian sighed and Jericho went in to knock people out. Moving from one side of the brawl to another he made his way to the middle. Only to discovered the beautiful pirate whom never seem to age. She was at the center of it fighting away and laughing. The two of them locked eyes for just a moment and like fate grinned. The brawl just went from bad to worst.

That was two years ago, before Jericho became one of few sailors in full plate. He did so because it was a job, a chance to see more of the world, to get out there and see what life had in store for him. After life is too short to be sour.

Jericho grew up in a small hamlet no one remembers in Cheliax. He had a normal farming childhood and no one really cared about them. That all changed when the town was sacked at age 14 by pirates. He remembers the fires, the screaming and plundering. Among it all he found a short sword to defend himself with and wielded it very loosely, it was the lone pirate lady that knocked him unconscious. Most likely out of mercy. When he awoke he had nothing left aside from a short sword, his tiny purse and Gillian Othello who had been placed under him to make her look dead. At the time Gillian was seventeen and lived nearby. The two stayed strong and made their way to a larger settlement. It would be the last time for a long time they would see each other.

Having no money and no parents sucks in a country where you have to depend on yourself for survival. As such, Jericho became a squire to Hellknight Olivia. he was responsible for her weapons and armor, her food, her laundry, her cleaning. If anything he was more servant than squire. She also brought him into battle as she was member of the Order of the Scourge and could not let him out of her sights. In a battle with black talon assassins she was defeated and he was run through, which should have killed him. A few days later he was brought back from the brink by Paladin Munn whom served Sarenrae and was trying to bring light to others in Cheliax.

Munn trained him for a while and left him behind until slain in battle, this would start an uneasy trend of loss for Jericho. Then again he wasn't anything special, just a squire without a master. Ten others would claim him as a squire and ten would die, the last being Hellknight Sanrethol who lost to the Lady Pirate who free'd slaves. Once again she laid him to sleep. Doubtful anyone would want him as a squire he joined the Cheliax Navy. For two years he'd take on pirates and others lawless folk. Getting tossed overboard was common for him. He was seen as durable instead of strong or weak. He survived where others would die normally, he'd get back up and train. Do it all over again with a smile. Not because he loved combat, but because he got see the many things in the world.

On the day his last debt was paid and he had just signed his resignation papers, she appeared. Raiding the Cheliaxing the port and she stood above it all, had she made captain finally. He decided despite not being bound to join the fight. In the end they lost and he stood on the docks as a man fighting her alone. He doubted she would recognize him and he fought with little regrets and no animosity. For in every fight two tales intertwined and one is formed. She with a lot more skill than he, ran him through and just before she could finish him off, they both plunged off the docks into the sea.

It was Hellknight Julianos who found him, nursed him back to health, only to take him to Lastwall. He enjoyed his time there and in service to Julianos saw no end of grief. Jericho's only unique quality was that no matter what mission Julianos would send him on, he would come back. At first, Julianos though he was a coward. It wasn't until they encountered a Giant that Julianos gained an appreciation for the hired hand. Against a superior foe, Jericho would stand tall. He might retreat, but would not run. Jericho fought until he shield gave way and he was pummeled into the ground. For the two years be it Dragon, undead, orc or otherwise, Julianos took Jericho with him. After Jericho save Julianos from the jaws of a green dragon name Auramex, the two headed back to Cheliax. Julianos want to thank him properly before sending off.

After the barfight, with experience under his belt Jericho now sails looking forward on to the horizon. Hopefully his story doesn't involve new scarring

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Grand Bishop of the church of the Master Cylinder

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