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 Post subject: House Rules
PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:47 am 
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Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:00 pm
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House Rules:

25 point buy

The Following Classes are BANNED outright in most games: Ninja, Samurai, Summoner.

1st Level Powers: Classes with 1st level powers usable a set number of times per day (usually 3+casting stat) can use these powers at-will. This is intended for use on powers from bloodlines and domains or similar. Any 1st level class power that has an additive “Extra X” feat for it (such as Extra Channel or Extra Bombs) is not covered by this unlimited rule. Warpriest Blessings, and the diviner power that allows 1 reroll per round also are excepted from this rule.

Bloodrager: Bloodline functions as the sorcerer bloodline as prerequisites.

Cavalier: Cavalier redo has been invalidated by Advanced Class Guide mountless archetype.

Gunslinger: Revised firearm rules may change some Deeds.
--Deadeye: Must be used to hit Touch AC in the 1st range increment. Costs 1 grit for the first 2 range increments.

Inquisitor: Bane: Humanoids covers all humanoids. Outsiders operate as normal.

Magus: Spellstrike can only be used with ‘offensive’ spells, not general spells like Light or Arcane Mark. What determines an ‘offensive’ spell is solely GM discretion. Spell Combat is not bound by this restriction, unless using Spellstrike as part of the Spell Combat action.

Oracle: The Spellscar Mystery revelation “Eldritch Bolt” has its dice reduced to a 1d6 to be in line with the other oracle 3+CHA revelations.

Paladin: Detect Evil functions per the modified Detect Evil spell.

Ranger: Favored Enemy: Humanoids covers all humanoids. Outsiders still must be picked on an individual subtype basis.

Rogue: Rogues can take a Ninja Trick instead of a Rogue Trick. Any Ninja Trick requiring 1 Ki-point to use can be used 1/day without a Ki-pool, but cannot be used if you have a Ki-pool and have 0 points remaining. Any Ninja Trick requiring more than 1 Ki-point to use requires a Ki-pool with a valid number of Ki-points available to use (like a monk).

Arcane Archer: Can be any race.

Dragon Disciple: Add Extra Rage and Extra Performance to the list of feats you can take for the Bloodline Feat class feature.

Sentinel: Aligned Weapon gives the entire ability of the chosen alignment rather than just bypassing DR.

Psionic Classes: Bonus PP are calculated based on total class levels in all manifesting classes, while base PP are calculated on individual class manifester levels (plus any increases from feats or traits).

HP: All characters gain 4 bonus HP at the first level of a PC class.

HP: first level is full die +4. From 2 on it is half die + 1

Skills: All 2+INT classes increased to 4+INT; Exception: INT based casters (Wiz, Psion, etc).

Inherent Items: Attribute-boosting belts and save-boosting cloaks are pretty much mandatory and incredibly boring Items, which is why I have removed them and replaced them with inherent scaling of those values:
At every even level, you may increase 2 attributes of your choice by +1 each. This REPLACES the standard rule where you get +1 every four levels.

At levels 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 15, you gain a stacking +1 resistance bonus to each saving throw

Multiclassing advancement is calculated based on the Fractional Advancement table from Pathfinder Unchained.

Weapon Finesse is free feat.

Practiced Spellcaster: Increases Caster Level of a single class you have levels in by 4 to a max of total HD. This DOES NOT stack with the Magical Knack trait. You can take this feat more than once, but it must be applied to a new class each time.

Quick Draw: Applies to drawing ANY stored item that would normally take a move action to retrieve, not just weapons. Yes this invalidates Mythic Quick Draw.

Slashing Grace: Applies to light or one-handed slashing and piercing weapons. Invalidates the Rapier specific feat from Inner Sea Combat.

Celestial healing: gives fast healing 1 for 10 rounds no matter the Caster Level.

Brass Knuckles: They use Monk unarmed damage as per APG 1st printing, not the errata’d version. This also applies to Brawler unarmed damage.

Bane Weapon: Humanoids are all grouped into a single category rather than race based.

Firearms: Resolve as Crossbows (no touch attacks in 1st range increment). Crossbow related feats can be taken for firearms.

Drawing an Item: Drawing any item considered ‘at hand’ aka move action draw can be done as part of movement as if it were a weapon.

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