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 Post subject: Hera of Clan Smith
PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 12:37 am 
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Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:55 pm
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Hera of Clan Smith

Hera was born an orphan of the streets. Her early childhood until she was eight was spent scavanging for scraps and surviving off rats, drinking out of horse trophs and mostly empty bottles just to survive. When a tanned middle aged dwarf saw that she had more rats cooking than other urchins he extended his hand. She was unaware and uneducated at the time that the man who adopted her was one of four legends who slew an ancient pharaoh in Osirion.

Arriving at a mountain near the Slave Trenches of Hakotep she met her new clan. While the Matriarch of Clan Smith was hesistant at first, she accepted Hera as one of her children. The first order of buisness was learning Dwarven, by age ten it was time to learn the code of Clan Smith, more specific the code of Jean. It was a long list of rules with a lot of contradictions in summation she learned by twelved years old it distilled into the following concepts.

1 – Save your money whenever you can, it could literally save your life
2 – Never accept conflicting contracts in Mercenary work
3 – If you are going to stick your neck out for someone, be it someone you know.
4 – Equal pay for equal work. No less, No more
5 – Survival and consequently Destiny are of your own design.
6 – There is no such thing as a fair fight, odds are if you care about fighting fair it will get you killed.
7 – Pride gets people killed, cast it aside.
8 – Your actions will speak louder than words. Leave speaking to the pretty elves.
9 – When in doubt, a teapcup is a short sword
10 – Follow your own morals and learn them as you go on.

After distilling those rules from the six hundred plus amendments Jean trained her in the art of improvised weaponry while clansman Arri trained her in the art of the hunt and the art of the Terra Cotta Monks. Arri was still adjusting to life outside of Taldor.

Hera was seventeen when the Matriarch declared her ready for the Rite of Aging and sent her with a map on a boat to Taldor to prove herself ready to live as an adult. One thing the Matriarch didn't count on was Hera having zero sense of directions and thus she ended up in Molthune with a traveling caraven.

It was with the caravan when the Ironfang attacked and following rules 3 and 5 she hid while the caravan was slaughtered. Seeing the gore everywhere reminded something her father told her, that the life ahead of her would be filled with joy and unpleasantness. She learned what she could from the battle and moved on to the nearest town. Since then she is now eighteen and a hunter in the town trading furs and eating game happily.

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