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 Post subject: NPCs - Cassidy and Nathan Fletcher
PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 12:27 pm 

Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:29 pm
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Cassidy Fletcher (Level 1 Adult Commoner)
Profession: Hunter
Age: 22

Hunter and trapper, Cassidy Fletcher works long hours and late nights to support herself and her brother Nathan by selling meats and furs to the local trading company. Secretly saving a small cache of silver pieces to get a sheep-dog for Nathan. Avoids the tavern and spends her little free time at the shrine with her best friend Felicity.

Nathan Fletcher (Level 1 Young Commoner)
Profession: Shepard
Age: 15

Cassidy's younger brother. Nathan is currently learning the ropes of all things sheep from the local shepard. What coin he earns goes towards supporting him and his sister. Before the attack, he hoped to one day have his own flock and sheep-dog when older. Has a crush on a tavern maid's daughter named Luanne.

Dalton Fletcher (Father)
Status: Deceased

Prominent hunter in the community who raised Cassidy and Nathan alone. Supported the family by selling furs and meats to the local trading company and gathering occasional materials for Vane. Frequently took Cassidy out hunting and taught her everything she knows. Passed away three years ago due to injuries sustained from a wild animal attack.

Amelia Fletcher (Mother)
Status: Unknown

Missing for the past 12 years. What little Nathan knows about her is second-hand stories from Cassidy. Cassidy herself has only fleeting memories of the woman who packed up her things and left in the middle of a cold, autumn night. Their father would speak little about the woman the past decade, and it wasn't until til he lay on his deathbed he tearfully wished he could see her one last time. Cassidy's friend Felicity once thought she spotted Amelia in Druma during a trip with her father.

Shepard Expert (Friend)
Status: Alive, but character undefined

Mentor to Nathan for past two and a half years. Has known the Fletchers nearly all their lives.

Felicity Carter (Cassidy's Best Friend)
Status: Unknown. Not seen since the attack

Cassidy's childhood friend and neighbor. Felicity worked at the local shrine and was training to one day be a full cleric. Sharp and intelligent she even managed to teach Cassidy a thing or two like the small cantrip that Cassidy relies on to this day.

Patrick and June Carter (Friends)
Status: Unknown. Not seen since the attack

The Fletcher's neighbors and Felicity's parents. Patrick is the local priest in the community while June diligently works as a scribe and bookkeeper for the Phaendar Trading Company.

Ericson Smith
Status: Unknown. Not seen since the attack

Nathan's friend who is the same age. Recently moved to Phaendar four years ago. Troublemaker who likes to cause trouble through pranks. Apprenticing with one of the local blacksmiths but tends to skip out to visit the town guard. Dreams of being an adventurer and fighting dragons. On the day of the attack he was again skipping work to enjoy the local delicacies of the festival.

Luanne Miller
Status: Unknown. Not seen since the attack

Daughter of one of the waitresses at the tavern. Lived in Phaendar nearly all her life but was bedridden during her early childhood due to disease. Avid reader and often seen toting more than one book at a time about town. Nathan has a crush on the girl but hasn't had the courage to speak to her yet. She was enjoying the festival in town square when the attack hit.

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