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Author:  arch [ Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Developmental Thread

Any brainstorming on anything pertaining to Praetor can be ironed out here.

The Seven Cities
Government: Independent City States (Historic: Oligarchy of City Kings)
Population: 450,000 (Orc 33%, Dwarf 33%, Kordanite 33%, Other 1%)
Important Settlements: Ast-Kordan, Ung-Kordan, Kordan City

The Seven Cities was once a great realm ruled by humans and orcs. The nation prospered because of its bountiful fields, rich mines, and a lively livestock trade. However, the nation was one of the greatest casualties of the Sundering. Four of the nation's ruling cities, along with all of the fertile plain, sank deep into a swampland. Furthermore, the disappearance of all the humans from the Capital, Kordan City (which was nearly a 100% human settlement), left a void. The dwarven clan Black Pick moved north out of the Thundering Cliffs, and conquered the city, claiming it their new clan-hold.

The other two surviving cities also became very insular as the majority of the survivors of the Sundering was skewed toward a certain race. Ung-Kordan, far in the north, was dominated by orcs, while Ast-Kordan, near the Centilla Border, was populated by a human-orc hybrid race known as Kordanites. As the centuries have rolled by, these two cities, along with Kordan City, have attempted in vain to restore the lands to even a fraction of its previous glory.

The Sunken Cities - These are presently ruins sunken into the swamp
Fal-Kordan: Home to the Cathedral of the Star (Solus)
Dor-Kordan: Hub of the Kordan Trade Roads, the wealthiest of the Seven Cities
Xin-Kordan: Sea-trade center on the coast and the foothills of the Thundering Cliffs
Riw-Kordan: Mining city that handled all the mining for the northern mountains

Author:  arch [ Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Developmental Thread

Just putting some ideas on paper...

Post-Human Society

In the years since the awakening of the Post-Humans (powered individuals, metahumans, mutants, supers), two other classes have emerged to compete with the PH's for the future of humanity. Biological modifiers (Biomods, Biomodders, Evos) are individuals who have chemically altered their internal DNA, elevating their natural capabilities to levels only seen in myth. These folk have done everything from blending their DNA with animal DNA to genetically engineering their musculature for specialized tasks. To their far extreme are the Cyborgs (Chrome, Metalheads, Tin-men), men and women who have given up a part of their natural selves to the cold, uncaring machine. Whether they were trans-human evolutionists or biomodders who went with manufacture instead of alter, the Cyborgs have developed machinery that improves every aspect of human life, often at the cost of the very essence that makes them human.

As of today, nearly 1 in every 6 individuals in the US could be considered a member of a non-standard human class, with the bulk being PH's who are ignorant of possessing a power or who have not yet had an awakening of their power. The Centers for Metahumanity Health (formerly CDC) estimate that at current PH birthrates, one in every four births will result in a child possessing PH markers.

Author:  arch [ Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Developmental Thread

Meeting the Eternal Councillor

Urved was the first of his tribe since The Hero redeemed them to make the journey to the Dragon. His totem hung from his neck, three polished skulls of wild animals. One Wyvern, one Wolf, one Bear; its macabre appearance bolstering his resolve as he approached the Necropolis. Partath Peak lay beyond, its apex rising miles in the distance, beyond cairn after cairn of Kordanite dead.

He bent his head and asked The Hero for courage as he crossed the first rock wall marking the Necropolis. Uneasy dead stirred as they felt his heartbeat nearby, their bones creaking as they rose to investigate. Urved knew they would come, so he held his totem high and continued his journey. The Dragon held power here, and his quest was not to be interrupted by spirits. So he continued on, trusting that his tribe's long held agreement with the Dragon still stood.

Moving forward, he could feel the ancestral magic in the totem push back against the skeletal stalkers surrounding him. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then began the chant that his Shaman had taught him. Power flowed from him, through the totem, and pushed the skeleton violently away. He grinned for a moment, then continued on. Four more hours he spent trekking through the necropolis, repeating the chant when necessary, until he finally came to the gates of the Mausoleum of the Lich, a fell black stone castle built across the path to the Dragon.

Xi, the Spes high priestess, who by all reports laid with the Lich, Demetri, opened the gate as he arrived and bid him enter. "Ah, the new baby shaman, come to beg teh Dragon's favor. Come, relax, Demetri wishes to speak with you." Her beauty was so unnatural, her words so alluring, he felt a stirring in his loins that no respectable frost giant should ever feel for a mere human, but steeled his resolve. He followed her to the throneroom, a vast chamber dominated by the Lich's throne of gilded skulls. Demetri of Partath sat upon the throne, his three thousand years of age barely etched upon his pale, death-toned skin.

"Welcome Shaman," his mellow voice betraying the cruelty held within the creature, "I trust your totem kept you safe?"

Urved nodded, wondering how many times the Lich held this same conversation over the last three millennia. "Yes, Lord Lich, the agreement with the Dragon held."

"A frost giant as large and powerful as yourself need not fear mere skeletons and restless dead." Demtri laughed, cold and distant.

Urved stood tall at the jest, "I disagree. The Hero teaches that Fear is a tool to strengthen oneself. Fear bolsters your resolve and cements your bravery."

Demetri rolled his eyes and sighed, "Your new god." He drank from a cup, Urved dared not think what it contained, "Regardless, I have a task for you, since you're headed up the mountain anyway."

Urved knew the Lich's reputation, and if he had hoped to reach the summit alive, then he had no choice but to agree to whatever terms the Lich laid forth, at least for now. He nodded, and sighed, "What is the task?"

"Good. Take this unguent." Demetri levitated a silvery vial over to him. "Tell the Dragon that I managed to find some of the Seperated One's blood. Take heed of his reaction and report it back to me when you return." Demetri hardly waited for a reply before he waved him dismissed.

"Please come." Xi's alluring voice beckoned from the far side of the room. She led him through empty, black rooms, to the rear portcullis. As she raised it, she gave him a lusty wink and simply said, "Goodbye, shaman."

Urved swallowed hard as he stepped through, it closing immediately behind him. He looked to the sky, to the rising crags of the Dragon Peaks, where his quest and destiny waited.

Author:  arch [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Developmental Thread

Magic on Earth

Three schools of magic are known to exist among the greater mage-dom on Earth: Fell Magic, Divine/Dragon Magic, and Rune Magic. Each school of magic can be tied back to one of the three progenitor races that pre-date humans on Earth: Prometheans, Demons, and Dragons. Additionally, each school channels mana differently, mages externally, hounds internally, and runecasters both.

Fell Magic: The magic commonly wielded by mages originates from the Demon progenitor race. It focuses on channeling mana from the surrounding environment into creating effects in the material. Over the centuries, extensive battle magic forms have been developed between the Red and Blue circles and their battles with the Magehounds. A Fell Mage's power is amplified within Ley energy, but they are magically helpless in a null mana zone. Practicioners are known as Mages, powers are known as spells, and include: Fireball, Dimensional Rift, Time Manipulation.

Divine / Dragon Magic: The Magehounds are a Vatican sponsored magic school who channel what they call Divine magic, which originated from the Dragon progenitor race. It focuses on channeling mana from within the caster or the target to modify the physical or mental state of individual creatures or objects. Dragon Magic is the only school which can create permanent magical artifacts, but are unable to tap the external mana of ley energy. Practitioners are known as Magehounds or Infusers, powers are known as infusions, and include: Speed, Shadow, Nullify, Rend Mana.

Rune Magic: Rune magic can be traced back to the Promethean progenitor race. Runecasters inscribe source runes upon creatures, objects, or places and then psychically link them to trigger runes inscribed on or near a target. Mana is channeled externally from the source to the trigger, flowing through the Runecaster for direction. Runecasters can tap a wide variety of things as sources, and are able to fully remove mana from a site, creating a null mana zone. Practitioners are known as Runecasters, powers known as inscriptions, and include: Conflagration, Obscura, Magic Circle.

Hybrid Mages: Some casters have the innate ability to access mana in more than one fashion, and are generally known as hybrids. A hybrid Fell/Rune mage is called a Druid. A hybrid Dragon/Rune mage is called a Transmuter. And the exceedingly rare Fell/Dragon mage is known as a Manamorph. A hybrid that masters both methods of channeling is nearly unheard of, but those who are able to rise to competence in more than their original school are usually movers and shakers in the greater mage lore.

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