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 Post subject: Random World Design
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:02 pm 
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Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:58 pm
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Here is a place to creatively expand on world design as a GM (and for me to practice cartography). From time to time I'll post a map snippet, and give some world building data. Feel free to take my images and give your own spin on the locations. This is intended to be an open ended concept, so have fun with it.

Map 001
Region Name: The Arid Ravine
Geography: A parched wasteland below a plateaued rise and two rivers. Two nearby swamps and a nearby mountain range. A large island in the middle of the larger river.

In eons past, the Arid Ravine was a fertile plain, but the great mechromancer Shala IX used his earthmovers to ruin the fields of the city Margora, which lies on an island in the Great River. The earthmovers worked their way down from their encampment at Shackle Cross, carving out a 300 foot vertical ravine into the lands. The mechromancer's army then filled the ravine and began besieging the island borne city. The pious Margorans prayed to Solus that he would strike down the Mechromancer armies, and the powerful sun god did just that, scorching the ravine with fire and brimstone, destroying Shala's force. The mechromancer retreated north, swearing an eternal oath of vengeance against Margora and Solus.

Points of Interest

Large City: Margora
Population: 14000 (70% Human, 25% android, 5% other)
Pious Theocracy
Resources: Fish, Holy Symbols, Android Parts
Threats: Crusaders, River

Small City: Shackle Cross
Population: 7500 (40% Dwarf, 30% human, 10% android, 20% other)
Ruthless City-State
Resources: Android and Human Parts, Raw and Recycled Metals
Threats: Materials Cartel, Ogre Gangs

Village: Barren End
Population: 80 (100% Riverfolk)
Hearty Pioneer Cooperative
Resources: Fish, Boats, River Commerce
Threats: Wasteland Monsters, River

Adventure Hooks

Rogue Earthmover: An earthmover relic has attacked several caravans along the road to Barren End. The ancient tech is priceless to the Materials Cartel of Shackle Cross and they will pay hand over fist to have the automaton brought under control and turned over to them. The Solus Priests' of Margora would love to dissect the machine in hopes of shoring up their defenses against mechromancy.
Over the Waterfall: The East River isn't one of the more promising routes to get to Margora, but it is the safest, except for the Bastard's Waterfall. A week ago, a small food caravan went down the river to make a delivery to Margora, but it never made it. Chances are that if something afoul happened, it happened at the Waterfall. Or it could be that tribe of river trolls that moved downriver last month...
The Sinkhole: Just south of Shackle Cross is a 300' wide sinkhole that fell open last week. The Materials Cartel is all over it, but the Planning Board is concerned the zealous miners will destabilize the area, causing damage to the city. The Board needs help evaluating the safety concerns of the sinkhole as well as mapping the current test mines that the Cartel has opened in its sides.

001.png [ 194.54 KiB | Viewed 1277 times ]

May our compasses continue to run together. Success and open and level woods be with you.

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 Post subject: Re: Random World Design
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:29 pm 
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Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:55 pm
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Is... is that an illumati eye in the river? Honestly thought looks nice for a small adventure

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