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 Post subject: Game Recruiting
PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:34 am 
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Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:07 pm
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The key part to any game is finding the right players to match the right style of game and GM to form a good group – that match all together. It’s more than just finding people who share a time – but finding a group of people who share something they want in the game.

Needed Information
This is a quick short hand for the information you should put in your thread for people to know what is needed for the game. Use this as a checklist to make sure you included it all!

1) What game system are you running (IE Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Fate, Riddle of Steel, Call of Cthulu, GURPS, etc) and what edition?
2) What is the setting for the game and the style of game?
3) What is the game medium? (PBP, Mpatool, live etc)
4) How many players are you looking for?
5) What are the generation rules (Stating status/level, funds, stats)
6) What material is allowed for the game?
7) What house rules are you using?
8) What do you expect from applicants? (Backgrounds etc)
9) When are you running your game? (IF applicable, live/virtual tabletop. day/time)
10) How many posts per day are expected? (If applicable, pbp)

While you could copy and paste this list and answer it that would create a very bland info dump of a post that won’t really tell people a ton about the game beyond the bare bones.

Instead, you should consider some of the following bits about creating an interesting recruiting post.

Vision of the Game
The first bit is to have a clear vision of the general direction of the game – the spirit you want to take the game in. Is it going to be a political thriller? An action-adventure inspired piece of dangerous crypts and puzzles? A dungeon crawl through dangerous territory? A war game taking place? A sandbox of a world to share?

This is a key part to communicate. The themes and core value of the game you are envisioning – what separates it from a general role playing game of the system – and yes a lot of times during the course of the game itself it will vary away based on players you already have and adapting.

Take a moment and write it down and generate a line or two on it – maybe a tag line, an idea of something that inspires you from it.

If you are using a custom setting – take a moment here and condense the parts you need to do to introduce the area the game is in, in a few sentences now. How would you explain it to someone that has no idea to interest them in it? Just a general idea. If using an existing setting, note where your game is taking place and how you are using that part of the setting.

Selling your Game

Now that you have your vision cemented and a few notes on your setting (whether custom or published) that sum up what’s important in the idea of what someone who doesn’t have all the context you do on your game it is time to work on selling the game.

The Teaser
One of the most useful bits that can be done to sell a game is an introductory teaser. Written in world prespective of some sort – maybe from the ‘future’ looking back, a general opening speech or something that captures the heart of the game in a couple of paragraphs it serves as your hook for it. This is important for setting the tone you want here and some of the general themes.

The Trailer
Now you’ve posted a bit in world – it’s time to give a general feel for the game – not the list of information but selling the type of game. Think of a trailer if you will almost. The Teaser is your fodder line – this is the bit the narrator says about it over the pictures that gives you a feel.

The Facts, Just the Facts
Now you’ve established that connection – if people are interested in the style of game you can now fill in the dry details here. The time, the system (even if mentioned in the trailer), the rules, the medium and all that stuff in the questions at the start. Try not to go on too long here but provide the information you think is needed. If you don’t provide it here you’ll be asked later or wish you had been.

Now you can wait for the answers to come in!

The one and only Dwarven Warrior!

RPGCrafters Co-Owner

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." Salvor Hardin, Foundation

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