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 Post subject: [PBP] PF Jade Regent
PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:42 pm 
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Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:07 pm
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What can change a life?

A secret.

Secrets are hidden from us all but when found out they change everything. When Ameiko Kajitsu finds she may be heir to an ancient heritage and enemies, she and her friends set out to travel to find out about what it is - and if possible claim their birthright.

From the lands of Varisia, through the Linnorn lands, over the roof of the world and its secrets to fabled Tian Xia, they will travel seeking to uncover and recover all of it... if they can survive. For there are those who believed that the secret was lost long ago and would do anything to make sure that it is never allowed to come to light again!

I am running the Jade Regent Adventure Path here on play by post! As I discussed a bit there, this is a game all about traveling, friendship and loyalties, secrets and schemes all meshed together. While there is definitely combat, given this is play-by-post that will be downplayed compared to a normal AP though it will be using Pyromancer or Google Docs maps.

The Caravan rules have been completely rewritten more or less to make it work and for combat it features it as a cinematic combat and a lot of events can happen there over the books as can plenty of roleplaying.

I currently have 3 players and am looking for one more player who can post at least once a day.
Right now there is a Elf Oracle for sure and potentially an Ifrit cavalier or Swashbuckler.

You can read all the rules and such (there's a good amount of it beyond just straight creation rules though a lot is Caravan stuff and making pbp resolve quicker) here: http://www.rpgcrafters.com/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=741

But here's a sample of the creation rules!

25 PB – No Dumping a stat below 8 pre-racial.
2 Traits – one must be a campaign trait.
Starting Wealth: All characters begin with 200 GP.
Classes that get 2+Int in skill points other than Witch and Wizard get 4+ Skill Points.
Characters get +4 HP at level 1.
No Summoner, Gunslinger or Arcanist for silliness. If you want to play a Tian Xia expatriate please talk with me first – I would prefer not but if you have a strong concept I’ll allow it. Oriental flavoured classes such as Ninja or Samurai are fine though unless we discuss it, you probably are from a different line of teaching – same as monks.
Races – Core is preferred. Alt Racials are likely allowed but gm veto is applicable. If there is a particular race you want outside of that talk with me and why it fits. I lean towards no in a lot of the races but I am willing to listen. One exception: Aasimar and Tiefling due to their stupid side paizo books are out.
Past first level each character gains average HP, rounded up.
Sources: Most primary paizo pathfinder things are fine though some few aren't. 3rd party baring exceptional circumstances and reasoning will be a no. No to psionics as I don't know the system. No to the word of power subsystem.

Just here - my general philosophy is don't try to break the system and we'll be fine. If you do we'll have a talk.

Alignment: Good and Neutral Only. No Evil Alignments please. Additionally the Detect Alignment (like evil, chaos, law, good) has been changed:
Detect Alignment: On the table, change the first line (Aligned Creature) to the following: None (10 or lower), Faint (11-20), Moderate (21-30), Strong (31-50), Overwhelming (51 or Higher).

Thus it is harder to detect what alignment people are with a ping.

There are a handful of things per class (like the Orc Bloodline) that I really dislike and will ask you to change.

There is a lot of travelling in this game. Please note that does not mean that this is completely outdoors or such. Be prepared for both indoors, urban, and outdoors adventures.

Please read the thread for more

The one and only Dwarven Warrior!

RPGCrafters Co-Owner

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." Salvor Hardin, Foundation

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