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 Post subject: The Mantles
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 9:06 pm 
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Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:55 pm
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The Mantles

After the separation of planes during the Nessian wars, the entities of Antares created a series of artifacts known as the Mantles which represent different domains of divine magic. While some take on more godly aspects some who hold mantles appear mortal above all else.

Tycho Bishop – Mantle of Law
Domain – Law, Community
Description – This former human was among the soldiers who fought during the Nessian War. Revealed to be a weapon devised by the old Cylan Empress as infused with both archon and devil blood. When his power finally surfaced completely against the Grey as an angel with both a wing of white and wing of black. Given the only concept they share is law the Mantle of it went to him. He cares about the law and all its aspects above all else. This puts him at odds with Fys constantly. Those who follow this mantle often look for the aspects of its holder.

Fys – Mantle of Chaos
Domain – Chaos, Madness, War
Description – This former Nessian Oracle and bringer of war through chaos adopt its Mantle rather easily. Encompassing everything about chaos and its very nature given her already intimate relationship with the eye of chaos. She is viewed as both a blessing and a curse depending on her mood. The multiple possibilities that come from chaos are almost impossible to manage but somehow she does. Her main opposition is the Mantle of Law though chaos in nature isn't as structured. Those who follow this mantle are often accused of being insane or free spirited

Maika – Mantle of Understanding
Domains – Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Description – Legendary construct craftsmen and warlord Maika by nature has always been against ignorance. With a supreme intelligence and mastery over magic she created the mantles and help them find homes much like her constructs. Since Progress and Magic are both morally neutral these accompanied her quite well and often checks in on the other mantles just to make sure they are working. Those who follow this mantle often are curious about the world around them.

Ashiran Nightwatch – Mantle of Darkness
Domains – Darkness, Knowledge, Void
Description – A duo of outsiders said to have been a part of the Nessi but help defend Antares. Few details are known given their nature. Some say Nightwatch is a master of intellect and machine and the Ashiran is a true nightmare of a creature. Some say Nightwatch is a fallen god and Ashiran is simply taking care of its former master. Those who seek to hide in darkness look to this mantle

The Reaper Elena Bishop – Mantle of Death
Domains – Death, Repose
Description – This infused human/reaper hybrid is the keeper of death and all its souls until they can be sent to their resting place. She looms over Shade Valley with a cold scythe and cold words to offers. Those who follow her often are grave keepers and morticians, given the very nature of this abnormality.

Octavia – Mantle of Dominance
Domains – Evil, Nobility, Trickery, War
Subdomains – Tyranny
The former Queen of Cylan was returned to power during the war with the Nessi in which she assisted greatly. Already a demigod by some standards the mantle of Dominance was taken by her. Viewed as of vile yet tactical she sits in her castle guarded by the horrors of evils. Those who live to harm often find her a comforting entity to follow.

Sevartis – Mantle of the warrior
Domains – Glory, Strength, war, Protection
Description – This mantle was given to the Demon armor knight Sevartis who has long served only four individuals, with their passing the honorable knight help seal the Gray and push back the Nessi. Given his strength and adherence to a code of honor the Warrior chose him instantly. Though his location unknown those who follow the path of the warrior often follow this mantle.

Zira – Mantle of Frost
Domains – Water, Air, Weather
Description – this mantle once belonged to the Frost Titan but he has long since passed. Given to his most trusted follower who watches over the frozen north. This Mantle was what Maika used as a template for the others. While it was once more powerful now it simply is the frost it started out as. Those from Quin normally choose to find comfort in the cold.

Advari – Mantle of Fire
Domains – Fire, Luck, Sun
Description – this phoenix has long been a part of this world, naturally the warmth of this mantle sought out this wise creature who looks after an isolated people. Those who seek fortune also turn to this mantle because of fortune surrounding his circumstances.

Phyton – Mantle of Earth
Domains – Earth, Plant, Scaly kind, healing, animal
Description – This colossal Wurm born from another took up its predecessors job and help fend off the Nessi after its defeat. Now it seeks to understand the world it was spawned into while protecting this mantle.

The Grey – Mantle of Destruction
Domains – Evil, Desctruction
Description – This sealed entity is an ancient horror that appeared and ended the Nessian wars. Its presence was so powerful it warranted all sides work together to defeat it. When this mantle was created it somehow made its way to the Grey and bonded. Those who follow the Grey seek nothing short of the end of the world.

Simone – Mantle of the wayward
Domains – Travel, Luck, Liberation, Charm
Description – This formerly average footsoldier who loved to travel and sing during the war, who loved to sneak into enemy camps and free others was chosen and uplifted by the mantle to protect it. While her name is unknown most call her Simone and those who adventure often offer praise to this mantle.

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