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 Post subject: Tharik of the North
PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:01 am 
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Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:55 pm
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Tharik of the North And Dr. Allan Payne

http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=66390 - Tharik
http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=66876 - Dr. Payne

An orphan child believed to have come from the Erutaki Humans. A dwarven couple took in this young boy left for dead beside his parents bodies. Raised as a dwarf Tharik learned from Grunyar Steelbeard about an honest days work. The tough conditions would have unbearable if not for Thariks own inhuman fortitude. During his childhood he learned the craft of the smith and about many differnt deities. Alast unlike most children at age sixteen Tharik started in the mines.

As a gift Yonda Steelbeard gave him an ioun torch to see while he mined. It was long hard work but all for the benefit of the Zavaten Gura. Swinging the heavy pick day and day out until one day there was a collapse. Several of the workers got burried in the deep tunnels and it work take hours to clear through. Time wasn't in their favor as many creatures like to lurk in the deep tunnels as well. The other option was to clear out a spiders nest between the tunnels which was more risky. Alas Tharik volunteered. He had fought some of them but not alot.

When the search party went to clear out the giant spiders and swarms. Many brought fire, Tharik being the largest stood in front. When the first spider webbed him another one larger than the others envenomed him. The mix of pain and poison triggered a primal yet mystical response in which Thariks arms grew to abnormal length and nature of a family heritage showed. With this he was able to drive back the spiders in a fit of rage. When it was over he collapsed to the ground and the arms shrunk to normal length. The others were saved.

Tharik learned two things that day, first he needed to know more about the world and second there would be no room for one who seeks combat in Zavaten Gura. Alas, he headed south to fight others in competition and in challenge. Naturally he found himself in many battles in Varisia, Ustalav and Lastwall battling all kinds of beings.

At age Twenty three an oracle by the name of Allan Payne began to follow the Northerner, patching him up as they went along and their allies. Dr. Payne's goal in life was to see to the wounded in which following Tharik there was no shortage. Born in Ustalav Mr.Payne is well versed in medical treatment of all sorts of abnormal circumstances.

After countless encounters on the fields in Ustalav Both Tharik and Dr.Payne were recruited in by a local pathfinder society rep on the promise of work and travel to Absalom.

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