This is the wiki for RPG Crafters (external link) games. Some of them will use custom settings/rules and this is the place to find detailed background material.

Game Wiki's Currently Hosted

Antares Multiverse Avrion's Game Wiki
Ascendancy Gromnar's Game Wiki

Wiki Registration Notice


Registration is not done directly through the Wiki. Instead, forum accounts are automatically registered onto the Wiki as editors. Once you have made a forum account, you can sign into the Wiki using the same information and begin creating pages. If you are running your game with RPG Crafters, please feel free to go ahead and begin making your own pages. Tiki Wiki is fairly simple to use, but extra documentation for creating and formatting pages can be found here(external link) and via some of the links listed here(external link). Have fun!
- Fatboyslims

Skin Design Revamp


Hello everyone! The RPG Crafters Wiki is currently undergoing a major overhaul in its design in order to make it match the theme on the forums. During this time, some features may be difficult to read. It's all for the best though! Promise!
- Fatboyslims

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