Nation: Taldor
Size: Small Town
Modifiers: Corruption +2, Crime -1, Economy +?,
Law +4, Lore +2, Society -3
Population: 856
Demographics: 95% human, 5% other
Government: Feudal (Overlord)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Qualities: Insular, rumormongering citizens
Notable NPCs: Baron Stelan, Baroness Lenelle,
Captain Renar, Headsman Odric
Base Value: 1,000 gp
Purchase Limit: 5,000 gp
Spellcasting: 4th

The Barony of Adrast is a small settlement and surrounding area in north west Taldor, located north of the Verduran Forest and south of the south-western-most Mountains of the Fog Peaks. The ruler of Adrast is Baron Stelan.


Until recent times, Adrast was a relatively unknown, sleepy settlement. Within the last year, the baron fell under a wasting curse, which begin a long quest to find a cure. The Baron was eventually restored to his normal condition and life has returned to normal within the town.


Adrast is a self-supporting settlement, doing little trade with its neighbours. What cannot be locally grown or crafted is usually imported from the Taldan city of Yanmass. On occasion, the few merchants of Adrast provide supplies to the northern village of Tregan, especially during the winter months.


Almost all of Adrast’s population are humans, with a smattering of other races. The people of the town are fiercely loyal to one another and predominantly follow the professed faith of the baron, the worship of Abadar.

Baron Stelan, his son Renar, and former inhabitants are well known for their past adventures throughout northern Taldor and Galt. Their people are quite proud of this fact and brag of their baron’s accomplishments whenever possible.

Adrast was also the home of the elf Elyana Sadrastis, a well-known adventurer and former lover of the baron.


Notable Locations

The following locations are ones of importance or note when one visits Adrast:

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