NG Metropolis
Corruption +2; Crime +4; Economy +7; Law +4; Lore +6; Society +5
Qualities academic, holy site, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction, magically attuned
Danger +10
Government Democratic
Population 76,600 (73% human, 9% halfling, 8% dwarf, 7% elf, 2% gnome, 1% other)
Noteable NPCs
•Codwin I (Supreme Elect of the Free People of Andoran)
•Darius Silvershoe (Bishop of Almas)
•Generald Reginald Cormoth (Commander of the Eagle Knights)
•Commander Jhonn Beys (Commander of the city guard and militia)

Base Value 32,940 gp; Purchase Limit 180,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items Almost all; Medium Items 4d4 (15); Major Items 3d4 (7)

Almas (pronounced AHL-mehs)is the capital of the free nation of Andoran, and one of the largest and most influential cities on the Inner Sea. In many ways, the city’s egalitarianism and multi-culturalism typify the assumptions and prejudices that are held about Andoran society in general.


Almas is located on Andoran’s southern coast, where the mouth of the Andoshen River meets the Inner Sea. Almas is built on a series of hills, and connected by several bridges crossing the Tamuth, Kernite, and Moulton rivers; these three waterways flow through the city before joining the water of the Andoshen and emptying into the sea.

The spiritual center of the city of Almas is the Field of Concord. This former Chelaxian parade ground is now home of the palace of the People’s Council (on its westernmost end) and the twin spires of the Golden Cathedral to the east. The center of the Field is dominated by a large marketplace and the Golden Aerie, the headquarters of Andoran’s Eagle Knights, and the residence of its commander, General Reginald Cormoth. Beyond the Field of Concord, the city is divided into numerous districts, each providing specialized services and goods the people of the Almas.

Districts of Almas
•Avenue of the Gods
•Embassy District
•Field of Concord
•Mercantile District
•Theatre District
•University District
•Wood District


Almas is a center of trade on the Inner Sea. While not boasting markets as large as Absalom or as varied as Katapesh, it is still an important trading city thanks to its duty-free markets and the annual Great Andoran Fair. This festival lasts the whole month of Sarenith and causes the city to swell with the influx of traders from across Golarion.


As part of their devotion to freedom and equality, Andorens welcome foreigners and other races to Almas and strive hard to integrate them whenever possible. The freedoms that Andorens regularly experience, their free voices and their accountable government are alien to many newcomers not used to such an environment.

Halflings are the second largest racial group in the city after humans, numbering over 6,000. This makes Almas one of the largest halfling settlements in the Inner Sea region. Halflings are attracted to the city by its freedoms, which halflings elsewhere may not enjoy.

Noteable Locations

The following locations are some of note when one visits Almas:
•Golden Aerie
•Golden Cathederal
•Palace of the People’s Council

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