Arala Insifaal

Arala Insifaal
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown; presumed 80
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Unknown
Description: Arala is stunningly beautiful
despite several scars on
her shoulders.
Alignment: Unknown; presumed neutral
Deity: Calistria
Motivations: Profit, fame, power, faith
Personality: Commanding, direct,
power hungy
Affiliation(s): Wasp Queens
Main Location: Unknown; presumed Kyonin

Arala Insifaal is the uncompromising leader of the Wasp Queens, an elite group of female elves and half-elves devoted to Calistria. She is said to nurse a grudge from across a room and always looks deadly serious.

This powerful woman is whom all perspective Wasp Queens must apply to before they are admitted into the exclusive order, where by she tests them in potentially-fatal scenarios to prove their abilities at trickery and stealth. One of her pimary rivals for control of the Wasp Queens is the elf priestess Sylia.

To date, Nessa Tyrundlin is the only individual who has thus far managed to join the Wasp Queens using a different method; seduction. By using a powerful and relatively unknown bardic dance of desire, Nessa was able to convince Arala to allow her to join the Wasp Queens without undertaking these tests. Shortly after Nessa's membership was made known to all Wasp Queens, the effect upon Arala was broken. The infuriated yet secretly impressed Arala hide the truth from the rest of the Wasp Queens and added Nessa to her list of grudges.

To that end, she eventually sent Nessa on a hired task to seduce the wife of Governor Bozbeyli of Cassomir to blackmail him for a client. Arala felt this task was beneath her abilities and sent Nessa instead. To her amazement, Nessa completed the task quickly and with all the methods used by the Wasp Queens. Somewhat relcutantly, Arala rewarded her with a small amount of gold and sent her on her way.

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