Battle of Bellis

The Andorans, bloody but brave, make their final charge against the Fellnight army.

The Battle of Bellis is the common named referenced when creatures from the Fellnight Realm raided the town in the year 4711 and the events that lead up to this conflict. An army of fellnight spriggans and redcaps marched upon the the Andoran town of Bellis with approximately 3500 troops. Andoran forces consisted of 50 Eagle Knights of the Golden Legion, 200 regular army and approximately 1000 hastily-trained Bellis militiamen.

The approaching enemy forces were divined as potential enemies three days prior, thanks to the divinations performed by Telnarn, a cleric of Ioemede. With the assistance of the PCs, the present Eagle Knights and rangers of the Foresthawks, the town prepared as best as possible for the coming onslaught.

Part of this preperation included the Bellis town council authorizing the request to ask the nearby forces of the Conclave for assistance, for the divinations revealed by Telnarn showed the town would not survive without their invovlement. Elyin Ursage and Eagle Knight Seynthia Whitevale were tasked with beseaching the Conclave for aid, with instrumental assistance from the PCs who pleaded on their behalf to the chaotic Conclave.

After much debate and distrust, the Conclave reluctantly agreed to aid the town and dispatched its forces. After securing the Conclave’s assistance, the PCs traveled to the Twisted Mire to rescue the druid Devarre and in so doing, were granted the assistance of the Mire Lord, who also indirectly aided the allied forces by eliminating an army of spriggans encamped within his swamp.

The PCs returned to Bellis a day before the battle was upon them and assisted in the town’s preperations. When the battle began in the early morning hours of the following day, the Andoran forces were ready. The Fellnight creatures consisted of multiple waves of spriggan armies, supported by redcaps and other individual fey creatures.

The most decisive elements of the battle did not take place on the killing fields around the town, but rather the streets of the settlement itself. Commander Corsan kept the PCs in reserve as special responders to high-level threats and it was in this capacity that the group excelled. The first threat was from a pair of bramble gargoyles that attempted to drop a strange fish creature called a Grodair into town. This creature contained a massive amount of water magically taken from the waterfalls at Dead Mans Drop, with the intent to flood the town’s defenders. Thanks to quick thinking from the group, this threat was neutralized and contained so flooding damage was extremely minimal.

The second threat came from the Honey Walls?, Bellis’ large, walled area of honey bees that were critical for the economy of the settlement. Spriggans had breached the walls and were using their shatter spell-like ability to break the contained hives and release the bees. The group responded quickly and took the battle to the spriggans, but unknowingly, Tenzekil Braybittle was slowly circling over the area, wild shaped as a bird, gathering the released bees into one massive swarm to send against the Andoran defenders. With the eagle eye vision of Nevarr and the quick response of Nessa and Lem, Tenzekil was driven off and the massive swarm destroyed before it could threaten the nearby militia, but in so doing, crippled the economy of the town.

It was at this time that the allied forces of the Conclave arrived and boxed the spriggan armies between them and the Andorans. Although the Fellnight forces greatly outnumbered the Andorans and Conclave, their drive, determination and knowledge of the land played a key role in the latter outcome.

After dealing with Tenzekil and the bees, the characters were lead to Winmede’s Remedies by several militiamen who informed the group that a previously-captured redcap had escaped the Hall of the Foresters and was holed up in the apothecary's shop after murdering half a dozen individuals. Wimede’s was being used as the triage and medical centre for the battle and was necessary for Bellis’ forces to be healed and sent back to the front lines. While attempting to enter the two-story structure, one of the nearby militiamen turned out to be a Fellnight assassin who almost murdered Jana who was hit by a pixie sleep arrow. Although the fight was difficult, the assassin, redcap and accompanying pixies were slain by the group, who managed to save the life of Torlin Winmede and his daughter Kaliah, although the wounded in the triage centre were murdered by the vile redcap.

The most critical combat of the Battle of Bellis took place in the town square when the Bramblemaster and elite spriggans appeared via several large walls of thorns. These spriggans were deadly and managed to split the group and their leader, a massive spriggan in adamantine armor, crushed Thomas with several blows of his flail. After this devastating loss, Devarre and a half-dozen of his fellow druids destroyed one of the thorn walls and came to the group’s aid. The Bramblemaster withdrew from the battle and the subsequent magical might the druids contributed caused the Fellnight army to withdraw from Bellis, ending the hard-fought battle.

Along with Thomas, Telnarn also perished. A large number both Conclave and Andoran forces gave their lives in the battle and in so doing saved the town from being completely overrun. Although the allied forces won the day, the loss of the majority of honey bees, partial flooding of several streets and the death of many hard working citizens will make the town’s recovery bittersweet.

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