Nation: Andoran
Size: Large Town
Modifiers: Corruption +0, Crime -1, Economy +2,
Law -1, Lore -2, Society +4
Population: 4,800
Demographics: 79% human, 9% Halfling, 5% elf,
3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf,
1% half-orc
Government: Conventional (town council)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Leader: Mayor Brigrim Tell
Qualities: insular, prosperous, strategic location
Noteable NPCs: Alva Cordet, Elyin Ursage, Fayette Tount,
Junkle Footpeddle, Kailah Winmede,
Mertis Cobblestocking, Revas Berrwold,
Sallen Grost, Ulfas Blust, Nia, Seynthia Whitevale
Base Value: 3,300 gp
Purchase Limit: 15,000 gp
Spellcasting: 5th

Bellis is a remote settlement in far northeastern Andoran along the banks of the Sellen River in the Verduran Forest. Established as a lumber town, it now produces additional agricultural goods in addition to cut timber. Bellisians like to call themselves “foresters” instead of “lumberjacks”. The “lumberjacks” are regarded as undisciplined amateurs.


The town of Bellis sits on the western banks on the Sellen River, on the border with Taldor. It is built hard against the Verduran Forest.


Bellis was founded in the mid-47th century AR, when Andoran decided to seek out additional sources of timber and increase its presence in the area.

Most recently, the Fellnight Conflict has been a time of great change for the town, both positive and negative. It is the most iconic event ever to take place within Bellis and has permanently altered the town’s view on life.


The primary reason for Bellis’ founding was to supplement decreased timber resources found in Andoran’s Arthfell Forest and Darkmoon Wood. The town has proven to be agriculturally rich as well; Bellis is known to produce high quality honey, beeswax, and mead. Bellisians regard the production of honey with the same passion other towns devote to the making of wine and sincerely believe they can tell the difference in year and production technique by taste alone. The settlement makes additional revenue from trade up and down the mighty Sellen River, one of the most-traveled waterways in Avistan, although its residents have little love for these migrants.

The Fellnight Conflict and its aftermath damaged Bellis’ otherwise profitable and prosperous frontier economy. The honey production came to a crawl due to the death of the majority of bees once housed in the Honey Walls? during the Battle of Bellis, and a ban on logging initiated by Mayor Tell as a stipulation for Conclave aid during the aforementioned battle caused significant damage the town's prosperity.

Several months after the conclusion of the Fellnight Conflict, Bellis slowly began to stand on its own two feet again. Thanks to the efforts of the Heroes of Bellis and the Eagle Knights, the People's Council in Almas discussed, debated and ratified the Treaty of Bellis to work with the Wildwood Lodge in harvesting enough trees to feed Andoran's hunger for wood, while still keeping the forest healthy and vibrant. The Heroes of Bellis also decided to settle in the town in the aftermath of the the Fellnight Conflict and invested their hard-earned resources into the economy which has helped to revitalize the town, much to the grateful populace's pleasure.


The old city residents also detest the several hundred lumberjacks that come to Bellis for work each spring. Members of the “old families” view the transient lumberjacks as troublemakers they must tolerate since timber is a major part of the town’s economy. When they are not at work, the newcomers spend their time drinking and fighting. Most of the lumberjacks reside in the Pit, which is a natural hollow adjacent to Sellen River filled with tents and shanties. The town authorities mostly ignore the Pit, looking the other way for all except the most serious of crimes. Angry Bellisians often call the target of their scorn “jack”, as in “Are you talking to me, jack?” Bellisians also have a very low opinion of Taldor and its inhabitants, believing that their decadent lifestyle leads to corruption.

A local, time-honored tradition called a “box social” is celebrated during wedding ceremonies. The bridesmaids each prepare desserts and place them well-decorated boxes where attendees bid upon them in the hopes of raising a good dowry for the bride. The winning bidders receive the chosen dessert and also the company of the bridesmaid who made it, which helps to pair young ladies of a marrying age with potential suitors in a supervised, public setting.

In the aftermath of the Fellnight Conflict, the people of Bellis have come to value and understand those who follow the druidic path and the mysterious fey creatures of the forest. Tentions are still present, especially between the Lumber Consortium's representatives and the town's new allies, but the spirit of co-operation has taken hold.

The Hall of Bonding, a place proposed by Lem Typhos and realized by both the Bellisians and the fey, is under construction three miles north of the city.

Most importantly, the population of the town reserves its praise and awe for the Heroes of Bellis and treats them with extremely high regard.


Noteable Locations

The following locations are ones of importance or note when one visits Bellis:

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