Blackgold Keep

Blackgold Keep is the Lumber Consortium’s greatest failure in Andoran. Established approximately 30 years ago north of Bellis, it was intended to serve as the base of operations for harvesting the large amount of blackwood trees present in the Twisted Mire and the surrounding area of theVerduran Forest. The keep was so named for the worth of the trees that they were more than worth their weight in gold.

Phase one of the keep was constructed quickly, despite constant fey, druid and other woodland creature skirmishes intended to disrupt construction. The keep was staffed by well-armed and well-disciplined soldiers armed with weapons to fight the native creatures and protect the woodsmen in their logging works. The gaval (foreman) named Broman Winister was the man in charge of the keep and he was far more ruthless than Ulfas Blust. Within days of phase one’s completion, Broman sent out his loggers and guards to begin harvesting trees in earnest. Blackgold Keep was originally intended to be much larger than it was, but the gaval did not want to wait.

Such a large concentration of enemies and deforestation enraged nature itself, which formed the Mire Lord directly from the swamp. The Mire Lord and the other creatures of the forest united themselves in a way only seen since the Fellnight fey arrived. The fey, wood giants, druids and the Mire Lord combined forces to completely sack Blackwood Keep. The fey, giants and druids were reluctant to kill the lumberjacks, instead focusing on the soldiers, but the Mire Lord destroyed them all without pause. After the dust cleared, not a single logger, soldier or other Consortium member was alive in the camp. The creatures left, all of them disgusted at the Mire Lord’s indiscriminate killing.

Not long after Blackwood Keep arose again, but this time with the restless spirits of some of those killed. Broman arose as a terrible Bhuta. His rage was so great that the it triggered the creation of several haunts, his soldiers and loggers unable to find true rest. Their combined hate at their deaths began to cause the land around the ruin to blight. Recognizing the threat the Bhuta faced to all of native life in the Mire Lord, the Mire Lord encircled the ruins with a powerful, thick wall of magical vegetation to prevent animals or other creatures from reaching the ruins, denying the Bhuta its ability to possess animals and escape. The Mire Lord also stationed many of its shambling mounds near the wall to drive off any animals that come too close. Broman, for his part cannot leave the ruins and has long grown insane from the torment of his tortured existence.

Since then, the Mire Lord guarded the ruins from nosey adventurers, and Lumber Consortium agents. Recently, the characters ventured to Blackgold Keep at the direction of the Mire Lord to eliminate the Bhuta and undead present there. With their success, Blackgold Keep is devoid of life (or unlife) and the corruption to the area has now stopped.

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