Cecilia Greenhand

Cecilia Greenhand
Race: Unknown; presumed human
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Presumed witch
Description: This beautiful pale woman wears a
revealing set of purple clothing
Alignment: Unknown; presumed evil
Deity: None
Motivations: Unknown; pressumed personal, possibly
previously allied with Fellnight Fey
Personality: Cruel, easy to anger, insulting, superior
Affiliation(s): Greenhand Covenant, Conclave
Main Location: ?

Not much is currently known of Celilia Greenhand, other than her evil tendancies and upleasent history with other factions of the forest. She controls a large group of harpies, ogres, ogrekin and witches that make their home in a small section of the Verduran.

The Greenhand Covenant recently allied with the Riders of the Verduran, and it can easily be seen that the leader of the Riders, Orieus Dawnsprinter, either ows fealty to Celilia or is completely controlled by her. This alliance with the Riders is the only reason she was invited to the Conclave; the Riders would not come if she did not.

Celilia advocated allying with the Fellnight fey instead of fight against them, but eventually put he full support behind the Conclave towards the end of the Fellnight Conflict. Since that conflict has ended, the Riders of the Verduran have ended their alliance with the Greenhand Covenant, and Cecilia has been reclusive and has not spent time amongst the other Conclave leaders.

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