Cerin Teles

Cerin Te'les
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 381
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Druid 5/Green Faith Acolyte 8
Description: Wisened, neutral-faced
elf with long white hair
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: The Green Faith
Motivations: Unknown; presumed
advancement of Lodge
Personality: Calm, reserved
Affiliation(s): Wildwood Lodge
Main Location: Wispil

Cerin Te'les is the Archdruid of the Verduran Forest's Wispil region of the Wildwood Lodge. He is an old, powerful druid that is like an oak; powerful and unyielding, yet sturdy and able to bend with the wind.

Cerin asked the Heroes of Bellis while they were within Wispil to help slay the dragons Icemourne and Mirrorwing who have been menacing travelers between Wispil and the Galtan city of Woodsedge. Another adventuring group, the Sovereign Myrmidons, had already been contracted by the Wispil council for the job, but Cerin used his influence to add the PCs to the contract as well, citing a disapproving feeling of the Sovereign Myrmidons. He secretly asked the characters to retrieve a powerful Wildwood Lodge magical item, an Orb of Storms(external link), present in the horde of the wyrms. The druid also used his formidable powers of nature to divine the possible location of the elusive fey Bramal?, who the Heroes of Bellis needed to find to potentially calm Maligorn from his current rage.

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