Chapel of Shelyn

In the north eastern section of Bellis, on the edge of the Verduran Forest, is a small shrine devoted to Shelyn, the goddess of love. The stone structure is accessible through a pair of wooden doors carved with chasings of amorous satyrs and nymphs that lead inside.

The people of Bellis recently built this chapel (approximately 5 years ago), and the main altar portrays a life-sized statue the love goddess with a songbird perched upon her hand. The chapel is tended to by Viviana Albercroft, a young cleric of Shelyn.

Many services to the goddess are held at an attending gazebo and amphitheater outside of the structure. Both are adorned with beautiful flowers.

Slightly to south of the stone structure is a beautiful rose garden where roses, hedges and sculpted art are tended to by Viviana. Not far to the east is a small river known as Stillwater Creek. A bridge, also known as the Lover’s Bridge, provides access over the creek to the chapel. The locals of Bellis refer to the bridge by this unofficial name, which serves as a rendezvous for amorous couples. Children often tease adults who linger here, assuming their presence indicates a soon-to-be romance.

Most recently, the chapel and its environs have been remembered as the place where the Fellnight Crisis was first started, when the gnome Tenzekil Braybittle crashed the wedding ceremony of Elyin Ursage and Kailah Winmede.

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