Type: Multicultural
Leader: None; council
Alignment: Varies
Headquarters: Conclave Clearing
Goals: Protect the Verduran Forest
and foster co-operation
Scope: Local Verduran Forest
Structure: Loose to none
Members: Various members of
individual factions

The Conclave is a group of forest-dwelling factions that have recently banded together to face the threat of the Fellnight Queen and her armies that are rampaging across their home, the Verduran Forest.

Goal: Protect the Verduran Forest and foster co-operation

Now that the Fellnight Conflict is over, the Conclave’s current goal is to create co-operation between various local factions to peserve, protect and understand their part of the Verduran Forest.

Alignment: Varies

Since the Conclave is made up with half a dozen independent factions, it has no direct alignment.


No one creature is leader of the Conclave, as it is a combination of more than one faction. The leadership of the Conclave is instead split amongst a council of the representatives of each faction, which include:

Maligorn & Aripha representing the Moonlute Court
Devarre Snowgaard representing the Wildwood Lodge
Vinroot representing the Treants
Lielaera Shantru representing Highgrove
Tess’ara Iolandi representing the Foresthawks
Cecilia Greenhand representing the Greenhand Covenant
Gorn Swifthoof representing the Riders of the Verduran
Tabram Treemaster representing the Forestwatcher Tribe
Talltail representing the Moonjumper Pack
Palomier representing the Whitehooves
Jana the Red representing the PCs


The generalized meeting place, and thus headquarters of the Conclave is known as the “Conclave Clearing” to most of its members. It is a large clear section of forest approximately 110 yards long and 65 yards wise. The precise location is generally not discussed, but it falls within the territory of the Fey Court. Many fey creatures, including the dryad Fira, make their homes on the periphery of the clearing.

Known Members

Aside from the leaders listed above, the Conclave has many individual members from all the various factions that make up its composition. See each individual faction for details.

Gaining Prestige

Although each faction of the Conclave has different goals and outlook, prestige can be gained with the collective body by peforming deeds or services that benefit the group as a whole, such as assisting the forest, fighting common enemies or contributing to stronger relations between each faction.


The Conclave is unique in the sense that it is not one faction; it is the collective representation of several independent, generally small groups of creatures native to the north western Verduran Forest. As each group is nominally too small to contribute much on their own, those who gain good faith with the Conclave can choose from a variety of prestige awards from the various factions that make up the Conclave. The only exception are the druids of the Wildwood Lodge who have their own faction awards. For purposes of dealing with the Wildwood Lodge’s awards, a character who has prestige with the Conclave may treat her TPA as if it were half its actual amount. The character can also spend CPA to obtains boons from the Wildwood Lodge, though the costs are increased by 1, and ranks cannot be purchased if the character is not a member of the Lodge.

  • 5 TPA, variable CPA: Purchase a magical service from the following list: kiss of the first world (2 CPA, Fey Court), plant growth (1 CPA, Fey Court), lesser restoration (1 CPA, Highgrove), neutralize poison (2 CPA, Whitehooves), permanent image (3 CPA, Fey Court), wood shape (1 CPA, Fey Court)
  • 5 TPA: Purchase the following items at a 10% discount: boots of elvenkind, cloak of elvenkind feather token (tree), darkleaf cloth (special material), darkwood (special material), greenwood (special material), feather token (bird), dust of tracelessness, beast-bond brand, elemental gem
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Consult with an elven loremaster from Highgrove on a topic and gain a +10 bonus on one Knowledge check. The check takes 1 hour if in the presence of the loremaster, or 1 week if a message must be sent. This bonus does not stack with any others.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Add Elven, Giant or Sylvan to your list of languages known. This award may be taken multiple times, each time a different language can be chosen.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Recruit a dryad to assist you in the creation of wood-related items, giving you a +6 bonus to craft items involving wood and decrease craft time by 10%.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Recruit a blink dog, centaur or harpy to transport an item(s) or message that can be carried by that particular creature to another area or individual in the forest. The time taken depends on the creature used and distance traveled.
  • 7 TPA, 2 CPA: Arrange passage through the Verduran forest guided by a ranger of the Foresthawks, including obtaining a map, appropriate survival gear and rations for the trip. This may be used on behalf of other NPCs for safe travel through some of the forest.
  • 10 TPA, 1 CPA: Have a member of one of the Conclave factions intercede on the character’s behalf to another Conclave faction that the character currently face and in pass with. The character may reroll one failed diplomacy or intimidate check against that faction.
  • 10 TPA, 2 CPA: Aquire information regarding the movement, presence or location of desired intelligence within or around the Verduran forest. After 1d4 days, a member of the Conclave relays their findings to you.
  • 10 TPA, 3 CPA: A unicorn of the Whitehooves will teleport four people to a safe location within the Verduran forest. Arranging this may take 1-2 days, as the unicorn may not be immediately available and will not travel to a settlement.
  • 10 TPA, 5 CPA: Undergo a fey ritual to aquire a sprite that acts as a companion creature similar to a familiar. The sprite may be summoned once per day and acts as a familiar in regards to its abilities, but it it uses half its master’s character level for effects related to to hit dice or familiar abilities, and it does not share spells or deliver spells for its master. When determining hit points, it uses 1/4 of its master’s hit points instead of half. The familiar has a base attack bonus of half its masters (rounding up) or the familiar's normal base attack bonus, whichever is better. It uses its master's saving throw bonus but the sprites own skill ranks. All other familiar abilities remain the same as per the familiar description. The sprite cannot be summoned in a settlement with more than 5,000 people and automatically disappears if brought into such a location. This award cannot be chosen if you already have a familiar.
  • 15 TPA, 5 CPA: Gain the assistance of a centaur, pixie, satyr, blink dog or harpy for 24 hours, or an elven or human ranger (equal to half the character’s level) for 1 week.
  • 15 TPA, 13 CPA: Undergo a ritual with the fey court for one week that gives the character a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws
  • 20 TPA, 5 CPA: Undergo a ritual with a treant to gain the woodland stride extraordinary ability. If you already have woodland stride, you can instead move through magically-created natural terrain without penalty.
  • 25 TPA, 10 CPA: Request the aid of squad of 1d4+1 Riders of the Verduran to raid an enemy within the boundaries of the Verduran Forest or within several miles of its borders.
  • 25 TPA, 10 CPA: Gain the assistance of a treant, wood giant or a fey of similar power for 24 hours.
  • 30 TPA, 5 CPA: Use the faerie rings and ley lines within the Verduran Forest to travel to a distant local outside of the Verduran Forest. You may bring along 1 additional creature.

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