Conclave Clearing


The Conclave clearing could be considered the 'headquarters' for the Conclave, as it is the original location all of its various factions met in order to discuss the invaders from the Fellnight Realm. Since that time, this area has become a meeting place for the forest creatures of the faction and their allies.

Predominately run by the fey of the Moonlute Court, the clearing is just that; a natural large flat area devoid of trees deep in the forest. The tall trees of the Verduran Forest surround it like a protective blanklet, and the constant presence of the fey have made it an idyllic location.

The clearing's periphery is home to numerous fey creatures, including various sprites, satyrs and the dryad Fira, who's massive tree sits in an adjacent smaller clearing several yards away. Yet, the most important location in the clearing is a powerful faerie ring? made out of ancient stone. This is the primary meeting place for the Conclave leaders when they discuss various matters together.

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