Dead Mans Drop


The people of Bellis, Highgrove and other humanoids that live in the northern Andoran section of the Verduran Forest refer to the tallest set of waterfalls in this area as Dead Man’s Drop. Named after a bandit captain who leapt to his death trying to escape Andoren rangers approximately 30 years ago, the falls were of little interest to most creatures until recently, when the upper pool of the Drop served as the resting place for some of the wardstones brought from the Fellnight Ream?. Tenzekil the bleaching gnome originally deposted all the wardstones here, which were then guarded by a powerful nixie and her water elemental companions. On their first trip to Dead Man’s Drop, the character’s attempted to retrieve the wardstones but were driven off by the emergence of Tenzekil and a large army of spriggans. To safe guard the wardstones, the Fellnight Queen seperated them into three seperate groups, leaving one at Dead Man’s Drop. A few days later the characters returned and were able to retrieve the stones still present here, forcing the nixie to retreat into the river.

The feature’s of Dead Man’s Drop include the lower pool, the base of the single waterfall that empties further into a river, which is full of sharp bolders. Nearby is an old overgrown game trail now covered with boulders and water-carved rocks from the runoff fo previous flash floods. The upper pool is a large bowl-shaped depression, constantly filled by two waterfalls. The lower waterfall then empties this water into the lower pool and the river beyond. The waterfalls are a good fifty feet high.

Under the upper pool is a small, air-filled cave that contained the hidden wardstones and a small treasure cash.

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