Devarres Retreat


Devarre’s Retreat is the common name for the home of the druid Devarre Snowgaard. A powerful mirage arcana protects this part of the forest, emanating from three rune-inscribed monoliths erected upon an ancient fey-mound connected to the First World. The illusion hides the monoliths as well as the home of Devarre. The druid discovered the stones while traveling the Verduran between Andoran and Taldor many years ago, lingering to study them while using their cloaking benefit to further isolate himself from civilization.

To keep this important site secret, the fey created a powerful illusion which appears to be an undisturbed hillside. Seeing past the illusion requires prior knowledge of its existance. The mirage arcana effect automatically resets each day. With much study, Devarre was able to learn how to manipulate the renewal, extending the illusion enough to hide his cabin from unwanted eyes.

The monoliths placed on this hill function as a collective anchoring point used by the fey of the First World to contain Queen Rhoswen’s Fellnight Realm into its own demiplane. Each stone corresponds to one of the three planes used in the process to seperate the Fellnight Realm. Those planes are the material plane, the First World and the Shadow Plane. An identical site also exists in the First World. Together, they keep the Fellnight Realm into closer proximity with the Shadow Plane and its prison.

During the inital invasion of the Fellnight Queen, the malevolant will-o’-wisp called Gossamere? found Devarre and possessed him, attepting to use the druid to destroy the monoliths and fight his former allies. The timely interruption of the characters freed Devarre from his possession, giving them a potent ally against the Fellnight Queen.

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