Eagle Knights

Eagle Knights of Andoran
Type: Military
Leader: General Reginald Cormoth
Alignment: Neutral Good
Headquarters: Golden Aerie, Almas
Goals: Defeating slavery,
spreading democracy
Scope: National
Structure: Military hierarchy
Members: Soldiers, paladins, ex-advenurers

The Eagle Knights of Andoran are a tripartite faction devoted to freedom, liberty, and justice. They are shining examples of weal, wielding both sword and word as weapons to undermine and overthrow slavers, pirates, and tyrants of every sort. Within the Eagle Knights, the elite warriors of the Golden Legion serve alongside Andoran’s armies, while the Steel Falcons travel across Golarion as philosophical ambassadors, spreading their creed even as they work covertly to support partisans fighting for freedom. The secretive Twilight Talons, whose mere existence is denied by the order, are spies, saboteurs, and even assassins who investigate, infiltrate, and eliminate threats to freedom.

Goal: Liberty, Equality, Unity

The Eagle Knights are ambassadors of everything Andoran wishes the world to be. They would see tyrants thrown down, slavery abolished, and piracy and pillage eradicated. They hope for a world without fear, hatred, and oppression, in which the common people leave mysticism and diabolism behind and rise to the challenge of liberty. When granted victory on the battlefield or in tournaments, Eagle Knights attribute their triumphs and laurels to the strength of heart, mind, body, and soul that can only come from those who live in freedom and welcome and encourage others to do the same.

Alignment: NG

Eagle Knights are devoted not only to protecting the freedoms won in the People’s Revolution but also to spreading them throughout the world through their deeds and words. Every man must come to freedom, every woman to liberation, but only through empowerment of themselves as individuals and their realization that all are one in community. This cannot happen through forced conversion, but Eagle Knights will always seek to remove obstacles and shackles that prevent the oppressed from realizing their possibilities and potential. Every Eagle Knight seeks to be the torch that sustains hope in dark places and lights the way for every person to reach for greatness and the uplift of all.


The Lord Captain Commander of the Eagle Knights, General Reginald Cormoth is a warrior of vast experience who rose from being a line officer in Andoran’s navy catching smugglers to being high commander of the military. He eventually became Executive Consul, his grizzled visage becoming the public face of the Eagle Knights. Under his leadership, the Eagle Knights have broadened membership to include people from other nations and nontraditional classes who are sympathetic to Andoran’s call for freedom.


The Eagle Knights’ headquarters is the Guardian Tower of the Golden Aerie, proudly watching over the Fields of Concord outside Almas. Surmounted by a massive gilded statue of Talmandor, the avoral patron of Andoran, the white pillar that forms the actual tower was brought from an ancient ruin and hollowed out for the order’s use. General Cormoth holds his councils here with the undermarshals of the three orders within the Eagle Knights, and the area around it is alive with couriers, scouts, and messengers, who come and go at all hours.


Given their activities guarding Andoran, their pursuit of slavers outside of their homeland, and the secret operations of the Twilight Talons, the Eagle Knights are open to any who support the ideals of their organization—including trustworthy folk willing to be secret agents in evil lands such as Cheliax. However, one must first prove themselves to the organization that they are capable of bringing about the realization of these ideals, which includes performing activities that gain the attention of the Eagle Knights. Then a perspective member must obtain written recommendations of three Eagle Knights and an Andoran town mayor or member of the People’s Council to achieve full membership.

Those who are selected for the Eagle Knights undergo difficult and top-secret testing to determine what branch they’d be best suited for. Once successful, they are given a small stylized avian figurine somewhere upon their person: a golden eagle for the Golden Legion, a blue falcon for the Steel Falcons, and a black hawk for the rumored Twilight Talons.

Known Members

Gaining Prestige

The exact nature of suitable missions for each of the three branches of the organization varies accordingto the branch’s goals. Members of the Golden Legion gain prestige for thwarting military actions against the homeland. Members of the Steel Falcons gain prestige for freeing slaves, sinking slaving ships, and convincing foreign officials to reject slavery. The Twilight Talons gain prestige for eliminating key figures in the slave trade, uncovering information critical to the safety of Andoran, and sabotaging the efforts of enemy forces.


The Eagle Knights of Andoran are a formidable organization on Golarion as representatives of the nation, people, and ideology of Andoran. Their strength is thus not only military, though that is considerable, but also in their rhetoric. Common folk favor them wherever they roam, but they are not universally welcomed or well established. PA costs increase by 5 in Cheliax, Taldor, and any nation that does not border the Inner Sea or Lake Encarthan. Some of these resources are military ranks within the organization, which also allow the Eagle Knight to purchase certain magic items at a discount; the listed CPA cost for these rewards only applies to acquiring the rank (in other words, the character doesn’t have to spend CPA every time he wants to purchase the item associated with that rank).

  • 5 TPA, variable CPA: Purchase a magical service from the following list: detect charm (1 CPA), forbiddance (4 CPA per 60-foot cube), freedom (9 CPA), heroes’ feast (4 CPA), phantom steed (1 CPA), refuge (10 CPA), suppress charms and compulsions (1 CPA), wind walk (4 CPA), summon flight of eagles (4 CPA), eagle aerie (7 CPA).
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Call upon faction members to assist in searching a person, structure, or location, granting a +10 bonus on checks to detect hidden items, disguises, forgeries, traps, secret doors, or compartments. This is normally only usable in a civilized area (not a dungeon) and lasts for up to 1 day.
  • 5 TPA, 1 CPA: Gain the rank of lance corporal and Diplomacy as a class skill. A character of this rank may purchase feather tokens from the faction at a 10% discount.
  • 5 TPA, 5 CPA: Gain diplomatic privilege, which gives the character a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility), Perform (oratory), and Sense Motive checks with citizens of one country. This bonus increases to +4 on checks made to avoid legal trouble.
  • 5 TPA, 2 CPA: Gain combat trained light or heavy warhorses for up to 10 individuals. You may use this resource once per week.
  • 10 TPA, 1 CPA: Obtain boat travel from one Andoran costal or river city to another, along with up to 10 others once per week.
  • 10 TPA, 2 CPA: Gain the temporary service of a celestial giant eagle as if using lesser planar ally. The member of the faction must negotiate and pay for the eagle’s service, though he can spend his CPA to have the Eagle Knights pay the price for the service. If the faction member is a poor negotiator, he can spend 1 CPA to hire a charismatic advocate to argue on his behalf.
  • 10 TPA, 3 CPA, Lance Corporal: Gain the rank of captain and Perform (oratory) as a class skill. Captains may purchase_ golden eagle epaulets_ at a 10% discount.
  • 20 CPA: Undergo specialty training, unique for each branch of the Eagle Knights (1 week of dedicated time). This training grants one of the following bonus feats: Improved Overrun, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Ride-by Attack, Swap Places (Golden Legion), Alertness, Iron Will, Nimble Moves, Persuasive (Steel Falcons), Critical Focus, Devastating Strike, Improved Initiative, Stealthy, Vital Strike (Twilight Talons). You may undergo this training multiple times, gaining a different feat each time. You must meet the prerequisites for these feats.
  • 20 TPA, 5 CPA, Captain: Gain the rank of major, Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility) as class skills, and a loyal team of 4–6 lance corporals (2nd-level fighters). Majors may purchase serpentine owl or serpentine eagle figurines of wondrous power at a 10% discount.
  • 10 TPA, 15 CPA: Become invested as a knight of Andoran. The character may devise a coat of arms and use the honorific Sir if male or Dame or Milady if female. The character may append “knight” to her rank in the organization (for example, knight captain or knight major) and can invest others as knights (though abusing this right can lead to decreased TPA). He gains a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks within Andoran and a pair of golden eagle epaulets. If the knight already has golden eagle epaulets, the DC for their sanctuary affect increases by 4.
  • 20 TPA: Purchase or upgrade magical armor from the following list at a 10% discount: arrow catching, energy resistance (any), glamered, shadow.
  • 20 TPA: Purchase or upgrade magical weapons from the following list at a 10% discount: defending, grayflame, holy, jurist, keen, mighty cleaving, patriotic, shock.
  • 20 TPA: Purchase magic items from the following list at a 10% discount: boots of speed, bracelet of friends, chime of opening, eyes of the eagle, goggles of night, hat of disguise, ring of friend shield, ring of swimming, bracers of falcon’s aim.
  • 20 TPA, 3 CPA: Gain the temporary service of an avoral as if using planar ally. The member of the faction must negotiate and pay for the avoral’s service, though he can spend CPA to have the Eagle Knights pay the price for the service. If the faction member is a poor negotiator, he can pay 1 CPA to hire a charismatic advocate argue on his behalf.
  • 30 TPA, 10 CPA, Major: Gain the rank of commander, Knowledge (geography) as a class skill, and a loyal team of 1 captain (5th-level fighter) and 5–8 lance corporals (3rd-level fighters); one of the lance corporals may instead be a 3rd-level cleric, sorcerer, or wizard. Commanders may purchase a talon sword at a 10% discount. If the commander is assigned to fortification (such as a castle, fort, or other Eagle Knight outpost), he also gains 10–20 guardsmen (1st-level fighters) and a support staff (5–10 noncombatant 1st-level commoners and experts) to handle the needs of his subordinates. If assigned to a Andoren military ship, he instead gains 10–20 marines (1st-level fighters) and a support staff for the ship. Most commanders lead brigades of ground troops or captain military ships; characters who do not want these specific duties are treated as inactive, unassigned officers in the military.

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