Eldritch Academia


Mission Statement

Eldritch Academia provides magical and martial eduction, a center of arcane research, and a repository of arcane knowledge.

Vision Statement

Eldritch Academia aspires to be an academic leader recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning, international standing in strategic research areas, and commitment to outreach and service to Andorea and beyond.

Core Values

Eldritch Academia values the following as central to our success:
  • Student-Centerd: We are committed to education, inquiry and service in order to meet students' changing needs. We foster lifelong learning, civic and social responsibility, leadership, and individual and career growth.
  • Learning-Centered: We nurture intellectual flexibility, knowledge and skills by integrating teaching, research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of our scholarly community.
  • Excellence: We pursue excellence within the campus community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activities and service.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions realizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success.
  • Service: We support and recognize service at all levels of the Academy. We strive to contribute to the benefit of the Academy, Bellis, Andorea, and beyond.
  • Integrity: We hold high standards of character and integrity as the foundations upon which the Academy is built.

Rules and Regulations

The Eldritch Academia sets rules for the safety of the students and the community at large.
  1. Students maintain a good or neutral standing with the Bellis community at large.
  2. Novice students may not cast spells without the presence of an Academy instructor or visiting lecturer.
  3. Students are strictly prohibited from casting spells on unwilling members of the Bellis community.
  4. Students are strictly prohibited from summoning extraplanar creatures on school property or within Bellis.
  5. Students may not cast evil or amoral spells while on school property or within Bellis.


Headmaster: Head Instructor of the academy.
''Headmaster Kalid'
Associate Headmaster: Assistant Head Instructor of the academy. Peforms Headmaster's responsibilities when absent.
Position Available
Senior Professors: 8th level instructors.
Positions Available
Professors: 7th level instructors.
"Positions Available"
Associate Professors: 6th level instructors.
Positions Available
Instructors: 4th - 5th level instructors.
Positions Available
Associate Instructors: 3rd level instructors and below.
Brinkle Ogglegok
Positions Available


All students will be provided with a copy of the curriculum upon admittance.

Downtime Information

Eldritch Academia
Rooms 1 courtyard, 1 common room, 1 bedroom, 1 dojo, 2 classrooms, 1 scriptorium, 1 magical repository, 1 kitchen, 2 defensive walls, 2 offices, 1 bath, 2 storage rooms, 2 lavatories
Manager None

  • +8 gp, influence or labor (dojo)
  • +16 variable capital (classrooms)
  • Other areas do not currently generate income

Dojo: Counts as a training facility for training or retraining
Bath:After spending 1 hour in this room, you gain a +2 bonus on your next ongoing Fortitude save against disease
Scriptorium: Counts as masterwork artisian's tools for writing skills. A Scriptorium is where scribes do their work. It contains chairs and writing desks, as well as ink, paper, and other supplies needed to create or copy written works. Up to three people can use the room at a time for scribing scrolls or using Craft (calligraphy) or Profession (scribe).
Magical Repository: A Magical Repository is similar to a Book Repository, but specific to the study of the arcane arts. It contains shelves of books, comfortable chairs, and tables for studying and for scribing notes and scrolls. If you construct this room from scratch, it grants someone who studies there for 1 hour a +3 bonus on a Knowledge (arcana) check to answer a question. If you upgrade a Book Repository into this room, you either keep the original Book Repository's bonus on Knowledge checks or change its skill to Knowledge (arcana). An hour of study in this room also grants a +3 bonus on Spellcraft checks. The room grants an additional +1 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks for spell research (see Research a Spell on page 86) and crafting magic items.
Lavatories: A Lavatory includes up to four 5-foot-by-5-foot private rooms for dealing with biological functions. If a building doesn't have a Lavatory, people in it must go elsewhere for this sort of activity. Depending on the building and settlement, a Lavatory might be an outhouse, a closet with a chamber pot, or a stool connected to an external system such as a cesspit or pig trough. If the building has a Sewer Access, you can automatically connect all Lavatories in the building to the settlement's sewer system (see page 101). The sanitation improvement from having a Lavatory mean residents, guests, employees, and others who frequent the building gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves to resist contracting a disease while in the settlement.

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