Ethor: The desert world

Type: Desert/barren
Gravity: standard
Rotation: Standard
Water content: 25% of the surface

Ethor is a barren desert planet in the Ethor system in the Antares Multiverse. it has 2 moons and is the 3rd planet out of seven. Its sun is a two suns which orbit around each other.

Long ago an event called the Downfall occurred in which civilization was wiped out and the planet turned almost lifeless. Whether it be from the societies that once existed or some unknown force.

Human - You know who they are
Ethorian - A mutation of the human race
Duinean - An offshoot race absorbing the powers of the earth
Elf - Xenophobic and Nomadic
Karifian - An offshoot race absorbing the powers of Fire
Orc - Semi-Xenophobic and tribal but more civilized than the Elves
Palian - An offshoot race absorbing the power of Wind

Nath The current government stronghold of the Nath government.
Pior A small coummunity by the frostbit mountain.
Peterney A medium community of trade
Kato A larger community with some hustle and bustle

The Ruined City of Alkashi City of the ancients long since passing, many dangers and treasures await
Salt Lake Elves? - Elves of the salt lake
Ork Stronghold Orok? - Ork? Settlement
Ruins of New Eden? - Once a prosperous Settlement now a ghost town
Ferro Monestary - A brotherhood dedicated to preservation of the past

VanCo - The Mercenary Guild
Rita Mercenary Company - Rough and Touch Mercs
The Caravaneers - Have goods will travel

Equipment - special equipment
Firearms? - Firearms on Ethor

NPC Database - for the NPCs on Ethor

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