The Fates
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: Pressumed ancient or immortal
Size: Large
Character Class(es): Unknown
Description: These three towering, stern women
wear their long blonde hair in braids.
They carry a reel of golden thread
and a pair of shears.
Alignment: Unknown
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Preserving predestination
Personality: Aloof, detatched, cryptic
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Main Location: Unknown; somewhere in the cold north

Nothing is known of these three massive women, save for their powerful abilities regarding destiny and divination. Their power is not to be trifled with, even if their motives are unclear. They speak in cryptic terms, sometimes in rhyme, regarding fate and an essential predestination of the characters and their abilities.

It is known that they appear to have the ability to 'pull' those traveling in the ley lines to their location, and can choose to suspend such creatures in time.

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