Fellnight Realm

In the mythical past, before the sundering of the First World, the fey-queen Rhoswen sought to combine her own innate magic with that of the Shadow Plane. She settled in a gloomy, wooded valley to practice her new art, and slowly succumbed to greed and corruption. Her need to dominate affected all those around her, until one day, the other denizens of that fey realm combined their powers to sever her realm from their reality. They created the Fellnight Realm, a demiplane coterminous with Golarion, the First World, and the Shadow Plane, and imprisoned Rhoswen and her followers there. They placed mystical wardstones known as the faengard at the borders of the realm, trapping its inhabitants.

Little is actually known of the Fellnight Realm, for its has been isolated from all creatures for thousands of years. The Fey Court of the Verduran Forest have guarded the anchor stones that kept the Fellnight Realm in its disconnected state. Having recently transitioned there through a weak point in the Verduran Forest, it has been revealed to have the following traits:

  • Timeless: Aging does not occur. Outsiders stop aging upon entering the demiplane, but such effects retroactively apply when they leave.
  • Self-Contained Shape: The borders of the realm wrap in on themselves in a spherical plane, bringing travelers back to their original starting point after only a few weeks of travel.
  • Midly evil-aligned: Rhoswen has extended much of her malign influence and emotional instability over her realm. As a result, creatures of good alignment suffer a -2 circumstances penalty on all Charisma-based checks within the demiplane.
  • Enhanced magic: Illusion spells with the shadow descriptor and conjuration spells with the creation descriptor act as if cast with the extend spell metamagic feat if they have a duration other than instantaneous. Such spells do not require higher-level slots.
  • Dim light: The sky of the Fellnight realm looks like a night full of bright stars, though its two moons match Golarion’s moons. The sun never shines here, though plants grow normally, partially sustained by energy of the First World. Ambient illumination outdoors is typically dim light at all times, though lights (such as torches and light spells) work normally and storm clouds may temporarily block the starlight and moonlight.

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