The Foresthawks are an elite group of rangers that patrol the Andoran side of the Verduran Forest. They have representatives from multiple races or communities, but most are humans or elves.

Goal: Make the forest safe for all

The Foresthawks are dedicated to patrolling the Verduran Forest and keeping it safe for all creatures within it, human, fey or forest creature alike. However, they often employed or seen around humanoids far more often than any other people, which has clouded the perception of other factions.

Alignment: NG

Unlike the druids of the Wildwood Lodge, who as an organization remain steadfastly neutral in most affairs of the forest, the Foresthawks are by large a good organization, wishing to help others who live within or near the Andoran section of the woods.


The Foresthawks are unusual in the sense there is no general leader for the group. The closest approximation is the ranger Tess’ara Iolandi who currently represents the group in Conclave. Many Foresthawks also look towards the retired ranger Elyin Ursage for guidance.


The rangers have no direct headquarters. Instead, the meet annually within the elven town of Highgrove Vale to discuss yearly events or officially induct members into the group.

Known Members

The most well-known members of the Foresthawks are:

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