Forestwatcher Tribe

This large tribe of wood giants lives deep within the Verduran Forest and exists as one with the trees they call home.

Goal: Preserve and Protect

Wood giants consider themselves the wardens of the world’s most prestine forests. They fully-embrace their roles as protectors and believe that nature itself granted them this task, arguing to unbelievers that their magical abilities that are tied to the natural world are proof of this claim.

As with most wood giants, the Foreswatchers spend much of their time tending to the health of the forest; planting new trees, clearing away dead brush and hunting evil creatures and loggers, the Lumber Consortium in particular. When the Fellnight fey assaulted the forest, they rose up quickly against this terrifying threat.

Alignment: CG

The wood giants of this tribe greatly value personal freedom and comittment to protecting the forest, though each do so in their own, individual way.


The elder giant Tabram Treemaster, a druid of their people, guides his tribe both spiritually and politically.


The home of the Foreswatchers is deep within the Verduran forest…and it is said only those whom the giants wish to find them will ever do so. However, the Fellnight fey proved them wrong and launched an assault upon their home that was barely repelled.

Known Members

As these giants keep themselves isolated, few have made names for themselves. Those who have are:
  • Tabran Treemaster?
  • Serin (Deceased)

Gaining Prestige & Resources

The wood giants of the Forestwatcher Tribe are secretive and slightly xenophobic, despite their good alignment and close ties to nature. They seldom interact with creatures not native to the forest allies to gain much in the way of faction prestige. However, the giants can provide a limited amount of resources through their membership in the Conclave. See Conclave page for the resources the giants can give as a member of this collective.

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