Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Monk 8
Description: half elven woman of average height.
Physique is highly athletic with few womanly curves.
Long blonde hair, green eyes, and her skin
is covered in thousands of scars and burn
marks. Imperial forest dragon
tattoo on her shoulder and right arm.
Alignment: LN
Deity: none
Motivations: please her master
Personality: Quiet, submissive
Affiliation(s): Conclave
Main Location: Bellis
Statistics: Character Sheet(external link)


Born a Chelexian slave, Gina’s early life was one of hardship and toil. Her mother was an elven concubine to a minor noble who often experimented with the arcane. When Gina was old enough to hold a broom, she was sent to the kitchen as a scullery maid. She was not permitted to leave that single room for five years. Everyday she worked under the cruel eye of the head chef who often beat her and the other girls for various reasons, most of which were unwarranted. When she was ten, she was promoted to chambermaid and was permitted to finally work alongside her mother in her domestic duties.

When she was sixteen, her mother died in a magical experiment conducted by the master (who was also her father) and Gina took her place as concubine, chambermaid, and sometimes test subject for the master’s experiments. After enduring mind and spirit breaking treatment, he saw in her a resilience unlike most of his other slaves. He sent her through training to become his personal assassin. For years she endured harsh training which left her wiry strong, but her mind completely unable to think on its own. For all respects she was a golem. This conditioning would prove to be her master’s undoing. So conditioned was she that she could not even get out of bed on her own the night Jana the Red and the Andoran abolitionists came to to kill her master and free his slaves. Her master died with one shot through the chest before he could order her to get out of his bed and defend him from the invaders.

With no one left to tell her what to do, she obediently followed the abolitionists back to their land and was taken under the wing of Jana the Red who over the next few months began helping her regain some sense of individuality.

Today she is still heavily dependent upon Jana to tell her what to do, though each year she becomes more and more able to think for herself.

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