Gorn Swifthoof

Gorn Swifthoof
Race: Centaur
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Size: Large
Character Class(es): Fighter 2
Description: This large centar sports a
well-cropped bear and
has a regeal appearance
to his human torso.
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Lead the Riders
Personality: Concerned, warrior-like, honorable
Affiliation(s): Riders of the Verduran, Conclave
Main Location: Verduran Forest

Gorn Swifthoof was originally the second in command of the Riders of the Verduran, a large centaur tribe in the north western part of the forest. He was against the Rider’s alliance with the Greenhand Covenant and urged change, secretly attempting to take over the Riders and steer them in a new direction. During a critical time, the leader of the Riders and puppet of the Greenhand Covenant, Orieus Dawnsprinter?, sent Gorn on a suicide mission against the Fellnight fey and he failed to return.

A week later, it was revealed that Gorn did not die in a useless errand, but survived. Bloodied but determined, the centaur made his way back to the Conclave and confronted Orieus and demanded the right of challence. Jeriel Eterrac stepped forward to become his support and the two fought against Orieus and his second, the centaur Dracin. Dracin was defeated and bowed out of the combat, allowing Jeriel and Gorn to focus upon Orieus. In the end, Gorn struck the killing blow, decapitating Orieus and taking upon the leadership of the tribe. His first act was to end the association of the Riders of the Verduran and the Greenhand Covenant, and he made Jeriel an honorary member of the tribe.

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