Greenhand Covenant

The Greenhand Covenant is a ruthless coven of witches and their associated servant creatures that controls a large track of the north western Verduran Forest. With the appearance of the Fellnight Queen and her minions, the might of the Covenant was brought into the Conclave, despite most of its member’s opposition.

Goal: Power and Control

The full extend of the desires of the Covenant is not generally known, but none can deny the power and control they wish to wield. It was known that the Riders of the Verduran were controlled by the Covenant, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Alignment: CE

As their primary numbers include ogres and harpies, the outlook of the Covenant is one of obvious maliciousness and spite.


The undisputed leader of the Greenhand Covenant is Cecilia Greenhand, an apparent human witch of some power. She is manipulative, coniving and knows how to exploit her strengths and cover her weaknesses.


The exact location of the Covenant’s headquarters is unknown, but it is believed to be in their section of the Verduran Forest.

Known Members

The primary membership of the Covenant include ogres, ogrekin, harpies and various witches of multiple races. Each such member has one of their hands painted or magically changed to green. The most noteable of them include:
  • Kira Screamfeather

Gaining Prestige & Resources

Only evil creatures or those with a questionable moral outlook can gain prestige from the Covenant, but there are some resources they can contribute as members of the Conclave. See Conclave page for the resources the fey can give as a member of this collective.

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