Only the first tier path abilities have been looked into or modified. Additional tiers will be modified once PCs approach the obtainment of that tier for its associated benefits. Those 1st tier abilities not listed here can be used as normal.

Beast’s Fury (Su)

As a swift action once per encounter, you can expend one use of mythic power to imbue your animal companion, cohort, eidolon, familiar, or bonded mount with some of your mythic power. As an immediate action, that creature can move up to its speed and make an attack with one of its natural weapons. When making this attack, the creature rolls twice and takes the higher result. Any damage dealt by this attack bypasses all damage reduction. A creature affected by this ability can take these actions in addition to any other actions it takes during its turn.

Inspired Spell (Su)

You can expend one use of mythic power once per encounter to cast any one divine spell, treating your caster level as 2 levels higher. This spell must be on your divine spell list (or your domain or mystery spell list) and must be of a spell level that you can cast using that divine spellcasting class. If you are a spontaneous spellcaster, you don’t need to have the spell prepared, nor does it need to be on your list of spells known. Using this ability does not expend a prepared spell or available spell slot. You can apply any metamagic feats you know to this spell, but its total spell slot level must be a slot level you can normally cast.

Recalled Blessing (Su)

You can expend one use of mythic power once per encounter to cast any one divine spell without expending a prepared spell or spell slot. If you prepare spells, this spell must be one you prepared today; if you’re a spontaneous caster, this spell must be one of your spells known. You can’t apply metamagic feats to this spell. If the spell requires a saving throw, non-mythic creatures roll twice and take the lower result. If the spell heals damage or requires you to attempt a caster level check to cure an affliction or remove a condition, roll twice and take the higher result.

Mighty Summons (Su)

This path ability is not available in Ascendancy at this time.

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