Highgrove Vale is a small elven community located in the north western Verduran Forest, within the boarders of Andoran.

Goal: The simple life

The people of Highgrove Vale has no particular goals other than to life in relative isolation, enjoying their elven lifestyle.

Alignment: CG

Befitting most members of the community, Highgrove Vale values independence, freedom and a commitment to good.


No one individual controls the community, its governing body made up of several elder elves who provide council in times of need.


The small village is located in the north western Verduran Forest, deep in its depths.

Known Members

Many noteable elves that live in the Verduran originate from Highgrove Vale, including:

Gaining Prestige & Resources

The settlement of Highgrove Vale is too small to gain much in the way of faction prestige. However, the elves of Highgrove Vale can provide a limited amount of resources through their membership in the Conclave. See Conclave page for the resources the elves can give as a member of this collective.

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