Highgrove Vale

Highgrove Vale
Nation: Andoran
Size: Village
Modifiers: Corruption -3, Crime 1, Economy +-1,
Law +0, Lore +2, Society -3
Population: 185
Demographics: 85% elf, 18% half-elf, 2% other
Government: Magical
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Leader: Isa’arani
Qualities: insular, racially intolerant (non-elves)
Noteable NPCs: Tess’ara Iolandi, Teldor,
Lielaera Shantru
Base Value: 500 gp
Purchase Limit: 2,500 gp
Spellcasting: 4th

Highgrove Vale is a small elven community located in the north western Verduran Forest, within the boarders of Andoran. Content to ignore and be ignored by the humans of the nation, the elves of Highgrove live a simple life in tune with nature and their surroundings. As the village is located deep within the fey-protected forest, the community receives few visitors that are not of elven decent.

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