Jana the Red

Jana the Red
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Rogue/Gunslinger
Mythic Tier: 1st
Mythic Path: Trickster
Description: A slim, attractive, fiery redhead. She's never seen without her pistols holstered at her side.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Cayden Cailean
Motivations: Adventure, wealth, advancing her business
Personality: Intense, resoureceful, magnetic
Affiliation(s): Red Line Trading Company
Main Location: Bellis
Statistics: Character Sheet(external link)


Jana was born in a whorehouse on the docks of Westcrown. Born into the shadows of the underworld run by the infamous Council of Thieves, Jana’s early life was anything but pleasant. From an early age she was taught how to pick pockets and cut purses for her masters. When she was eight, her mother was killed by a violently drunk client and Jana was sold to a Cheliaxian lord of little note who ran a plantation on the outskirts of the city. Jana would rather forget her life there on the plantation as it was often filled with the usual toil of slavery.

However, her story was just beginning. When she was ten years old, Andoranian abolitionists raided the plantation. Under cover of darkness, they killed her master and transported all the slaves to Andoran where they were taught how to live free.

Jana was apprenticed to a traveling merchant named Lana Cutler who took Jana under her wing and together they traveled all over Andoran and Taldor. This was a good time in Jana’s life. She learned how to survive on her own, how to interact with people, and also how to have fun and enjoy life. Jana also learned how to use firearms from Lana. Lana was a gunfighter who used her musket and pistols to keep her wagon train safe from bandits.

When Jana was seventeen, she decided it was time to strike out on her own. Jana tried the merchant route like Lana taught her, but she never really did as well as she thought she would. So, in an effort to seek both profit and thrills, Jana became an adventure for hire.

For five years Jana the Red has turned in bounties on kobolds, guarded caravans, killed goblins, and even had a hand in saving a small village of Harrowstone from being taken over by cultists of the demon lord Orcus. In other adventures she rejoined with her Andoranian abolitionists friends and went with them on a few mission to free more Cheliaxian slaves. On one of these slave freeing runs, Jana had freed a young half elf named Gina who had been the focus of many terrible arcane experiments, harsh torture, and severe training to make her a perfect assassin. Her mind and spirit had been broken to the point where she could not think for herself at all. She had to have a “master” tell her what to do or she wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed in the morning on her own. Jana has since helped her become more independent since then, but she is still heavily dependent.

When lives were not in danger, and there was no other adventure to be had, Jana and Gina sometimes sought out their own adventure. Jana would return to her roots and partake of simple larceny from those who could more than afford it. These sorts of activities would sometimes cause her to have to flee town quickly to avoid the lawmen or local thief guild assassins.

In her latest adventure, Jana and Gina found themselves having to sneaking aboard a river boat disguised as sailors in order to evade capture in Cassomir when a wealthy merchant’s son discovered his prized amulet and a several hundred gold pieces missing from the hidden compartment behind his dresser after spending an evening enjoying fine spirits with a mysterious ginger haired woman.

The ship let off in the small lumber town of Bellis on the day of a certain wedding. Well, not one to pass up the opportunity for free booze, Jana put on one of her best dresses and crashed the party posing as a friend of the matron of honor from out of town.

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