Jeriel Eterrac

Jeriel Eterrac
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Inquisitor 10
Mythic Tier: 1st
Mythic Path: Marshal
Description: ?
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Milani
Motivations: Serving the Everbloom, ending the Red Revolution of Galt
Personality: Thoughtful, cautious, somewhat indecisive
Affiliation(s): Eagle Knights
Main Location: Bellis
Statistics: Character Sheet(external link)


Born into a family of faith as it were, Jeriel has spent quite a few years already on the road, assisting family, both of which were underground worshippers of Milani, as most tend to be. This of course meant for the first part of his life, he was away from his family, until he was about to journey with them, after the age of sixteen.

While kept out of the brunt most of the actual fighting that came in their line of work, and while his parents were rather loving in their own way, The more awkward part of his schooling didn’t come to facts and numbers, and things like that, while they were, Jeriel has more been a personal study – that of people, reading them seeing what makes them think, tick and what have you.

What he has come to know and hold dear is his patron goddess’s defining aspect, of that which people are not to be bound and free to work as their own. While he has not found major campaigns to champion, himself, he was bade at the age of 22, when he was deemed ready, to go and find his own true causes to fight for. And not only that, but to fidn and live his own life all the while.

Now, he’ll greet people with that same warm smile, wizened as it may be, with what he knows of the world, and looks like a fun enough person. At least, until he does find that cause. Or causes. In this case, though, his travels are only slightly random, though, he wouldn’t admit perhaps he doesn’t know where he’s going yet. Though, honestly with the faith he holds, the freedom to decide that was the right idea.

Of course, Jeriel’s no-nonsense, or slightly hardline approach could be of his upbringing – originally of the small town of Liberthane, and a nephew (on his mother’s side), of the current lord, Achille Parsall, he was definitely no stranger to the teachings, and that he took to them early only made it less of a surprise that he was brought up as an inquisitor of the faith, despite an easygoing nature, at least until the chips came down. Though, Jeriel, other than his signet ring, carries no markings that he would be related to any manner of noble class, no matter how small it as,and he liked that far better, knowing people to act different and resentful when the truth would come free. Still, while he would call his travels random, they weren’t so much. His Trip through Andoran was to more find the spirit of freedom they kept, though recently, he has become slightly dismayed at perhaps the state even of that.

In the end, he has his eyes on the lands eastward, Galt and beyond, but knows full well without help, the efforts of one won’t be enough to perhaps tilt those scales fully. Perhaps it was an effort to bring Bellis closer, or just put them on the right path tht he was with the group now, but that was for him to really decide. Still, he was slightly an idealist, and doesn’t like leaving things undone when he begins them – which is why he remains with the Andoran war – though he understands the fey bent probably much as anyone, and would reasonably take their side were things to unravel from there, though he could also seem to hold the Eagle knights in a high regard.

Currently, he seems a bit constrained between a few choices, and likely until the Andoran crisis would resolve, has no closure for them.

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