Kira Screamfeather

Kira Screamfeather
Race: Harpy
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Unknown; presumed
Description: Kira is a cruel but
intelligent-looking harpy
that has green feathers,
and clawed, green
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Advance the
Personality: Cruel, sadistic
Affiliation(s): Greenhand Covenant, Conclave
Main Location: Conclave Clearing

Kira Screamfeather is the personal attendant to and primary herald of Cecilia Greenhand, the mistress of the Greenhand Covenant. She is a cruel, sadistic creature, even for a harpy, and is rumoured to have the powers of a witch.

Kira enjoys torturing and mocking others, her list of targets include Gorn Swifthoof, various characters and sprites of diminuitive sizes.

She knows she cannot harm the characters directly (at least not without Cecilia's approval) but meances them at evey oppourtinity. Kira know they are responsible for the death of her sister, Creeshee, during the Fellnight Conflict.

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