Lem Typhos

Lem Typhos
Race: Slyph
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Wizard 10
Mythic Tier: 1st
Mythic Path: Archmage
Description: Purple eyes, pale complexion
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Cayden Cailean & Shelyn
Motivations: Curiosity, learning
Personality: Intraverted
Affiliation(s): Riftwardens, Conclave
Main Location: Bellis
Statistics: Character Sheet(external link)


Born sixty years ago in the Aziri subplane to both the elemental Plane of Air and Golarion this unusual Sylph was born. Separated at birth from his twin sister he lived a life according to Family tradition. When it was determined his sister had vanished, he was brought up as a daughter. On Aziri the Typhos Family is the current ruling house of sixteen different elemental houses all Matriarchal in nature since power is inherited through the mothers blood. Since his sister without a name vanished to save face he was brought up as Lemishi.

Lem was always very secluded as a child, not having any friends nearby and being schooled by Rin the Planeswalker, Lycroft the Scholar and Myr the Seer. Given his antisocial tendancies, his ability to spot danger and quick learning from theory he was selected to be given special training to become a wizard. Most of his childhood spent either dressed as a lady or practicing, never given time to grow as a person.

It was at age fifty six the court discovered that Lemishi was in fact Lem and thus without a female heir would have join with another house. With that in mind the Typhos house implicated that Lem would marry to Liviana of house Castella unless his twin sister was found. Spending three years in a forced engagement with Liviana he was scared of her, she insulted him constantly about his antisocial behavior and was also over affectionate at other times, giving unwanted attention to him. Lem couldn’t find time to himself.

It was shortly after Liviana slapped him once for being afraid to go to a ball that he drew the line, he had enough of house Typhos, enough of the Castella’s and enough of Aziri. If he could find his sister this nightmare would be over and he could go live how he wanted to. So he began searching for a way out and eventually found one.

Rin was just about to leave for a trip to Golarion, she had just finished casting her spell when she felt a slight touch on her shoulder. Appearing just outside the city of Korvosa, Rin looked over her shoulder and saw that Lem was with her. Rin, had a temper that could go wild and it was about to if Lem wasn’t about to run into the city. With one hand she stopped him and saw the look of desperation in his eyes.

Lem nervously explained the situation and Rin while still angry that she had been used listened for a full twenty minutes. By the end her temper had died down and she could see some of the scarring from the torment Liviana placed upon him. Rin scratched her head and divined for Lem’s sister without avail. Rin then stated that if she was here it wouldn’t be far off since Aziri only has Varisia for a location.

And so the search began with Rin leading in town and Lem hidden sneaking behind her as silent as the breeze that blew. To Lem the city felt claustrophobic and each time they would get near a crowd he would freeze. Two hours in and Rin disappeared. Lem was alone in a place he knew nothing about. He tried to stay out of sight and mind keeping away from large groups taking alleways and shortcuts and then it happened. Lem ran straight into a thief stealing some metals from the smith. Shortly after the guards blamed Lem and were about to take him in.

A woman with brown hair in her early thirties stood with her arms crossed and demanded why the guards were accusing a member of house Avelyn of such petty theft. At a closer inspection Lem saw she was wearing unusual clothing, an hourglass figure with a face that was easy to read. Her eyes were an azure blue similar to his own. After the guards left she grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to a luxurious manor.

It turns out the woman named Mary Avelyn had mistaken Lem for his sister Lissi. When he heard the name and description he felt a bit relieved but could be found hiding behind a pillar in the house for most of the conversation. Finally Lem mustered enough of his voice to ask about Lissi’s whereabouts only to find out she was no longer there. Mary realizing that Lem was very afraid of other dragged him to Chaz the Magus who in turn sent him to the Fenwall mountains to Peter Tyrn. Mary unable to leave Korvosa gave him a map and directions.

He found himself alone in the wilderness of Varisia, able to relax he ventured to meet Peter curious and anxious to find his sister. Upon arrival he saw the mercenary camp at night and thought to be quiet to sneak in. He had made it most of the way in when the alarm sounded. Gliding like the wind he moved around without so much as drawing the attention of most. Thats when the sap hit him over the back of the head.

The shock caused him panic and he bolted before the next swing could get him. Unsure if he should fight back he drew on his power and prepared to cast against the half elf. The half elf had brown hair and Hazel eyes with long ears wearing a mix between chain and leather armor. He smiled to Lem and put down the sap realizing exactly who Lem looked like. With a commanding voice he called off the alarm and invited Lem to his tent. Lem nervously accepted the invitation of Peter Tyrn; Leader of the Runic Banner.

Peter sat down on a chair and invited Lem to do the same rather than stand around nervously. With an unusual charisma Peter attempt to make Lem feel calm. Peter explained began from the beginning about Lissi about she came recommended from a former partner in buisness, about the pale beauty who would one day be able to master the winds. As far as sorceress his sister was the opposite of him, loving the attention, very socialable and diplomatic.

After an hour Peter finally asked if Lem was going to find her and Lem nodded. In the morning Lem was sent out with a map directions to Bellis. Peter made one request of Lem, to deliver a sealed envelope to her and give her his regard. Now with direction he heads out to Bellis in search of the sister he had always wanted to know.

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