Mai Lutece

Mai Lutece
Race: Aasimar (Idylkin)
Gender: Female
Age: Undetermined
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Oracle 8 (Lore Mystery)
Description: Purple hair, blue cat
eyes, curvy.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Cayden Cailean & Shelyn
Motivations: Protection, education, preaching
Personality: Friendly
Affiliation(s): Conclave
Main Location: Bellis
Statisics: Character Sheet(external link)


Mai is a three lifetime soul with two completed lives and one currently in the making

Mai Lucete of Lastwall

Mai the Silvanshee
After Mai had become a Silvanshee she spent a lot of time in Nirvana amongst the local Agathions until she accepted a contract from Cayden Calien and chose to work with Lem. This led her to helping him find some balance in his life and some social skills.

The duo assisted against the Fellnight Fey and help defeat Rhoswen.

This lifestyle however had her soul and body fragmenting away from each other since the chosen path she had taken and her persona did not Mix. Pheonix Tail then to save her gave Mai an ultamatum in which she accepted to return as mortal

Mai as a Idyllkin

Being reborn and Aasimar with human and Agathion blood after the rite Mai follows Lem in more of a partnership role. She has a dual service to her the two deities she holds dear. While she does preach about love, art and beauty. She acts in defense of those around her with a glaive protecting the freedoms of those around her.

This form however didn’t come without a drawback as she is now overseen by an Avoral who loves to make life more challenging as per a haunted oracle curse.

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