Moonjumper Pack

The Moonjumper pack is a large clan of blink dogs that make their home in the Verduran forest.

Goal: Roam free

The Moonjumpers have no overaching centralized goal, living simply within the confines of the forest. As a pack, they often roam miles of forest, hunting for new games and places they’ve not yet ventured to. This makes the Moonjumpers the definitive source for those wishing to explore the Verduran, provided one can keep them still long enough to engage in conversation.

Alignment: LG

The Moonjumper pack roams the forest and runs of evil creatures it encounters, though they tend to avoid humanoid settlements if possible. However, the Moonjumpers are more than likely to help out others when needed, compared to other packs of blink dogs.


Talltail, a blink dog sage, currently leads the pack. Its primary alpha was killed shortly before the arrival of the Fellnight creatures currently plaguing the Verduran forest.


As a roaming pack of blink dogs, the Moonjumpers have no particular home or headquarters.

Known Members

Gaining Prestige & Resources

As they are a pack of four-legged creatures that stay deep within prestine woods, the Moonjumper pack does not grant prestige as an individual faction. However, they can contribute some services as members of the Conclave. See Conclave page for the resources the blink-dogs can give as a member of this collective.

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