Moonlute Court


The Moonlute Court is one of many fey courts spread thoughout Golarion and the First World. Each is a localized leadership of surrounding lands where fey creatures are most prelevant. As one of the biggest forests remaining on Golarion, the Verduran Forest has many 'localized' fey courts specific to various sections of the expansive forest. The Moonlute Court is one such gathering of fey creatures and holds much clout with the surrounding wilderness.

Goal: Live by nature, protect for nature

As with most fey creatures, the Verduran fey have two centralized goals; to simply live life and to protect their natural home, the Verduran Forest. The latter goal has been set against the deperedations of monsters and the logging tendancies of Andoran, which is comfortable with the wholesale logging of entire forests. Their allies of the Wildwood Lodge are often willing to fight to hold back this aggression, while the fey do not often think so long term. However, when they find themselves suddenly living on the edge of their forest instead of deep in its branches, they have been known to take violent measures. Foresters and loggers sometimes die under unusual circumstances as generally beneveolent fey trick them into dangerous natural areas. Saw operators occassionally loose their limbs or their lives in suspicious equipment malfunctions, ontop of lumber camp living becoming unlivable by unexplainable inconvinces that begin to crop up every day.

Some of these tactics used by the fey work to drive humans to a different area of the forest, but the more robust of them simply deal with the danger and continue their work. On occassion, the anger and frustration from the fey’s aggressive tendancies reach a high that cannot be contained. When this happens, whole camps enter the wilderness looking for any signs of of the fey and destroy them. In the wake of this human hostility, many fey often flee to deeper places, though they have been known to become so embittered that they then launch a new assault on the lumber camps, creating deadly “forest wars” that last until every fey in the area has fled or every logger withdraws.

The recent emergency of the Fellnight Queen and her minions shifted the fey focus to combat this deadly new threat, uniting in a way that have not done since ages past. With the Fellnight threat concluded, the fey are now focused on ensuring their new Andoran allies do not continue to abuse the forest.

Alignment: NG (Varies)

Fey creatures are as varied and mercurical as the aspects of nature each represents, so the alignment of the fey court is also varied, but thanks to its two leaders, it can be considered perhaps neutral good.


The Moonlute Court is represented by two fey creatures, the satyr bard Maligorn and his consort, the nymph sorceress Aripha. Maligorn tends to contain a more neutral outlook on matters while Aripha is often the voice of reason and comittment to what is right.


There is no known headquarters of the fey court, given the entire forest is their home. The only location that comes close to a meeting place (as mortals understand it) is known as the Conclave Clearing.

Known Members

Almost every neutral or good aligned fey creature in the forest belogns to the fey court, even if they don’t know they belong. Recently encountered members include:

Gaining Prestige & Resources

As they are creatures of nature with a mindset alien to most mortals, along with their reclusive tendancies, the fey court of the Verduran is not a faction as such, but one can gain prestige with the court through deeds that assist the fey and the forest. See Conclave page for the resources the fey can give as a member of this collective.

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