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John Goldwill- owner of the Goldwill Store

Kaz – The crafter and owner of Kaz’s Workshop?

Marielle StarlightVanCo for the VanCo supplies shop
Two Strike ThomasVanCo Guild representative/local leader

Rita Elska? – Leader of the Rita Mercenary Company

Ficus Findley? – Owner of the Dry Sting tavern?
Lisa Findley? – Barkeep of the Dry Sting tavern?
Avery twins? – Waiter and Waitress of the Dry Sting tavern?

Mayor Weston? – Mayor of the City of Kato
Eliza? – City hall – receptionist.

Lieutenant James Binnery?Nath representative
Warrant Officer Luke Binny?Nath representative at Well Springs Eternal Factory
Foreman Johnson? – Well Springs Eternal? Factory Foreman
John Takeo? – Well Springs Eternal? Factory gate guard

Carl Smaggan? – Owner of Dune Buggies?

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