Northernwatch Keep

In north eastern Andoran, not far from the Verduran Forest is a small fort called Northernwach Keep. Placed near the road between Bellis and Caldamin, this military outpost is the primary defense for Andoran in this area of the country, and is overseen by the Golden Legionnaire Knight-Commander Corsan and his second in command, Captain Seynthia Whitevale. Their primary mandate is to watch over the northern Verduran Forest and the north eastern plains.

The keep itself is situated on a small island at the centre of a tiny lake, accessible only by drawbridge. The majority of the keep’s space is underground in the island, which houses approximately 200 regular army soldiers and 50 Eagle Knights of the Golden Legion.

Almost the entirety of the keep’s garrison was sent to Bellis to aid the town during the Battle of Bellis and the Fellnight Conflict.

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