Riders of the Verduran

The Riders of the Verduran are a large tribe of centaurs located in the north west Verduran Forest, within the Andoran section of the wood. They have had a recently turbulent history.

Goal: Ride free

As a group, the Riders have historically had little interest in the outside world. They enjoy riding through the thick canopy of the forest, but they are also known as fierce warriors. They were long enemies of theGreenhand Covenant, but shortly after Oreius Dawnsprinter came into power, he created an alliance with the Covenant that was only recently broken.

Alignment: N

Until recently, the leadership of the Riders would most likely have been considered evil, but thanks to recent change, the general consensus is that the Riders have returned to their neutral outlook, concerned for defeating the Fellnight threat and then continuing with riding free through the forest.


The current leader of the Riders is Gorn Swifthoof, who very recently disposed the former leader, Oreius Dawnsprinter, with the help of Jeriel Eterrac.

The Riders have a complex right of leadership, where the chieftain of the tribe remains the leader only as long as he can maintain power. At any time, another member of the tribe can challenge the chieftain for leadership, but this is always doomed to fail unless there is strong support amongst the tribe or the challenger is especially tough.

1. Primary Duelists (Chieftain vs Challenger) fight to the death. The winner becomes the chieftain of the Riders.
2. Two secondary duelists are chosen by the primary ones, which are usually the top supporters of their perspective centaurs. The secondary duelists attack only each other until one another falls or one yields (their fight isn’t to the death).
3. If the secondary duel ends before the first, the winner of the secondary may now join their chieftain in an assault on their foe. This represents the power of leadership and combat, choosing the best supporter for the job. If the primary duel ends before the secondary, the primary winner has the option of ending the secondary, banishing the supporter of the defeated, or continuing with two vs one until they are slain.
4. No magic may be used, potions and other items permissible to heal but show a sign of weakness to the tribe.
5. No one other than the participants may interfere.
6. Winners have the right to strip their opponents of their gear if they die

Whatever side wins the duel rules the tribe, with the primary winner the chieftain and the secondary duelist their second in command.


The centaurs are usually nomadic, traveling in warrior-herds throughout the northern forest in a migrational pattern, setting themselves up in pre-constructed shelters.

Known Members

The most famous (or infamous) members of the Riders are:
  • Jeriel Eterrac (Honorary Member)
  • Dracin
  • Oreius Dawnsprinter (Deceased)

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